Blog #2248: Artifact of the Week: Transformers: Generation One Royal Mail Postage Stamps

Artifact of the Week: Transformers: Generation One Royal Mail Postage Stamps

Okay, so these may not be worthy of being called artifacts yet, but someday they will be. Recently released by the British post office, these Transformers Royal Mail stamps are probably the last (or nearly the last) stamps to be issued with the late queen’s image. (I am crossing my fingers they don’t reissue all of these with King Chuck’s image on them.) There are quite a few collectibles based on these stamps available. I did not buy everything, as my shopping cart was getting heavy very quickly. I might pick up some more items later if they are still available. The main set includes eight stamps in pairs of two that form a single image, Optimus Prime & Megatron, Bumblebee & Starscream, Grimlock & Shockwave, and Arcee & Soundwave. There are also five Dinobot stamps. Of course, Slag is incorrectly identified as Slug, but that was to be expected.

Collector’s Sheet

This sheet includes all eight main stamps and well as eight stickers with different art.

Fan Sheets

Fan Sheets are reproductions of UK comic covers with three stamps in them. They did Bumblebee, Megatron, and Optimus Prime. I wish they had done more of these.

First Day Envelopes

First Day Envelopes of Grimlock and Optimus Prime. Each come with an info card.

Medal Covers

Each Medal Cover comes with two-sided coin, one with Optimus Prime & Megatron and one with Grimlock that says Transformers on the other side. Each comes with a card with a holder on it and an envelope with a hole in it for the coin holder.

Miniature Sheet

This is the basic set of Dinobot stamps.

Miniature Sheet Pack

This is the same stamp sheet, but on a two sided card.

Presentation Pack

The Presentation Pack includes two items. One is the main stamp set on a fold out card, and the other is the Dinobots Miniature Sheet on a different card from the Miniature Sheet Pack above.

Prestige Stamp Book

The Prestige Stamp Book contains all thirteen stamps and includes “the Transformers story in detail” by James Roberts. I did not want to fold the spine to scan it. Take a look at it on the Royal Mail website, there are pictures of some of the pages.

Stamp Pack

This is the set of eight stamps on a card.

Stamp Set

The set of eight stamps.

Stamp Sheet Souvenir & Stamp Souvenir

These include the stamps on the envelopes listed above. They say First Day Issue on them, and I’m not sure you can actually use these stamps. I can’t tell if they can be removed from the envelopes, and I didn’t want to damage them.

Post Card Set

As always, you can find over 18,000 Transformers artifacts from every Transformers series and generation at

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