Blog #2176: Toy Review: Transformers: Beast Wars: Mega Class Scorponok

Transformers: Beast Wars: Mega Class Scorponok


Beast Mode: Scorponok looks fantastic in beast mode. He was one of my favorite original Beast Wars toys in beast mode. His colors are great. I like how his legs are all one piece so you don’t need to adjust each little leg to get them lined up.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Scorponok is nowhere near as great as he is in beast mode. He is terribly proportioned with the giant claws. It would have been nice if his tail could fold down a bit.

Overall: Beast Wars may not be G1 (what is?), but it has some great toys. If you have an original Scorponok, you may want to pick up the reissue anyway. Original Scorponoks did not age well. The bee is prone to breakage if left folded up in his claw. Even though he’s outrageously overpriced at $42, its worth it to have one you don’t need to worry about breaking.

“I have a special cyber-bee just for you, Optimus Primal! Enjoy!” – Scorponok, Transformers: Beast Wars, Gorilla Warfare

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  1. lmb3 says:

    @Zabules Thanks. That’s what happens when I copy and paste blogs.

  2. Zabules says:

    This is actually a Mega class

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