Blog #2170: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Selects Leader Class Behold, Galvatron Unicron Companion Pack

Transformers: Generations: Selects Leader Class Behold, Galvatron Unicron Companion Pack


In typical Hasbro fashion, they fucked this up from the start, but let me circle back to that. The Unicron accessories come wrapped in paper with Galvatron’s accessories. Why did they do that? To fill the box that was our times the size it needed to be. You would think someone at Hasbro would have had the minimum intelligence required to know that they needed to be in a plastic bag to make sure they didn’t get lost. The ships are nice, but the wings on Minnow are bent. The pics I’ve looked at from the movie do not show them bent. Typical Hasbro garbage quality. The other two ships look fine. The figures are all garbage unpainted gray plastic. They did four Dinobots, but didn’t bother do Sludge. Had they not done Snarl, I would still be pissed, but I could have justified it as he only appears in a couple of scenes. Sludge was in much more than that.


Previous Mold Use: Kingdom Leader Class Galvatron, Selects Leader Class Galvatron

Galvatron looks awesome. I actually really like the way it looks with some of the parts opaque purple instead of translucent. The white paint apps are perfect. It’s a really beautiful toy.

Overall: While Galvatron is beautiful, Hasbro royally fucked everyone who bought Unicron. I predicted in my Unicron Blog that we would get additional accessories later, and that’s exactly what they did. These accessories don’t have enough plastic to cover the palm of your hand, but they couldn’t include them with Unicron, because they are too fucking cheap. Also, they didn’t include the display arms to put the ships on Unicron’s head stand. There would only have been room for two of them and they gave us thee more ships, so that’s absolute garbage all the way around. All of that would piss me off enough, but they sold out before I could get a preorder in. Hasbro had a DUTY to make sure every person who bought a Unicron could order this set before anyone else. Anyone who paid nearly $600 over a year in advance to get Unicron was ENTITLED to get to order this set before anyone else. It ended up costing me almost double on eBay. Plenty of them on eBay as so many fucking asshole dickhead asshat scalpers bought them just to flip on eBay. Fuck you, Hasbro. Fuck you to, you scumbag scalper bastards. You can all go to hell.

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  1. Iodaspark says:

    The deco on Galvy is awesome in hand. The clear plastics are starting to show stress marks at pinned areas. Hopefully it holds up at least before Primus returns…

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