Blog #2169: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Selects Titan Class Black Zarak

Transformers: Generations: Selects Titan Class Black Zarak

Black Zarak

Previous Mold Use: Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok


The new head sculpt has an eye patch, but otherwise appears unchanged. Oddly in robot mode there is now an opening in his chest. Not sure why.


Black Zarak has a head that is almost completely remolded. Even the sides of the back of his head are remolded. Scorponok had one great feature two tabs in front of his antennae to stop them so you could easily line them up on both sides. Not sure why they didn’t include them, as they make a huge difference to me. Lining them up with no set position is a pain. It does look great, but they should have left on those tabs. In robot mode his chest has been remolded to show battle damage. Points for not just painting that on.

Scorpion Mode

Black Zarak looks great in Scorpion mode. The spear from hi new accessory attaches to his tail. Unfortunately, it does not attach to the end of it, which would have looked better. Could be it looked like this in the Japanese animation, I’m not sure.

Base Mode

In base mode he still have the same flaws as Scorponok. He needed accessories like the original had, guns, antennas, repair arms, etc. He looks fine, but he’s just lacking.

Robot Mode

In robot mode Black Zarak, like Scorponok, is an absolute beast. He looks amazing. Unfortunately, as they usually do, Hasbro blows it on the details. There is no port in his hands to hold his spear. Best you can do is close his hand right below where it flares out and don’t move him. It’s criminal. All they had to do was mold some slots in the shaft that could have slid onto the serrations in his claws.  Storing his weapon on the back on his shoulder is not official, but it is the only place to put it.

Overall: A beautiful toy with the same flaws as it’s predecessor, and a few new ones. I do hope it sold well enough to get another Selects Titan Class toy. I need a Gadep from the Omega Supreme mold.

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