Blog #1976: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Netflix War for Cybertron Trilogy Leader Class Nemesis Prime & Fangtron

Transformers: Generations: Netflix War for Cybertron Trilogy Leader Class Nemesis Prime & Fangtron

The Netflix Siege series represented everything that is wrong with Hasbro these days. Unimaginative repaints, abysmal quality control, and deplorable distribution. Regrettably this has improved only slightly in the Netflix Earthrise series. There are a few great toys in this series, if you can find them. The rest are still unimaginative repaints.

Let’s talk about the packaging for a minute. For some stupid reason, Hasbro decided not to put Nemesis Prime’s name on the box, but is picture is right on the side of it. The contents of this set are considered a spoiler for the show, though I have no idea what sense that makes. Seems to be pretty stupid for a $60 toy not to have the name on the box. Can’t imagine a lot of people who aren’t collectors will buy it.


“Compound” is a substance that is similar it feel and smell to black Playdoh. (It could be Playdoh.) I decided not to bother unearth the three energon cubes. I don’t know why Hasbro included this, but it’s a pretty poor effort. If you’re going to include something like this, you need to include an actual container to store it in. Would it have been so hard to put it in a plastic container with a removable top? I peeled the top off and then taped it back onto the tray it came in once I realized what it was. (I took this paragraph verbatim from my review of Ultra Magnus. It hasn’t gotten any less stupid.)


Previous Mold Use: Siege Battle Master Slitherfang

Fangtron? Really? Hasbro is back to letting five year olds name their toys apparently. Slitherfang was such a great name. Certainly there was some GI Joe Cobra reference they could have made. They could have called him Sneak (or Decepticon Sneak). There was a GI Joe episode where, I think it was Duke, pointed out that snake is sneak spelled sideways. There were certainly better options than Fangtron. He’s fine I guess, but he would have looked better if his head were red.


Previous Mold Use: Power of the Primes Giza

Giza is reused from Power of the Primes Nemesis Prime. He is in lighter plastic, and his eyes aren’t painted. Hasbro is being cheap again. What else is new?


Previous Mold Use: Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime, Earthrise Leader Class Alternate Universe Optimus Prime

So, Nemesis Prime is probably more appropriately called FrankenPrime, as he is made up of parts from three different toys. His trailer comes from Earthrise Optimus Prime. Hasbro has done a far better job painting it, than they did the original version which omitted the silver completely.

Nemesis Prime

Previous Mold Use: Siege Voyager Class Optimus Prime, Siege 35th Anniversary Voyager Optimus Prime

Previous Accessories Use: Power of the Primes Leader Nemesis Prime

Instead of using the cab from Earthrise, it is Siege Voyager Class Optimus Prime now repainted as Nemesis Prime along with the dual cannons and sword from Power of the Primes. He looks pretty great.

Overall: On the one hand, I kind of like that they put the effort in to give him the extra weapons, and paired he trailer with the Siege Voyager cab. On the other hand, I kind of wanted the Earthrise mold as Nemesis Prime. Perhaps that will be in the next wave. Just once I’d love for them to make a Nemesis Prime toy that wasn’t an Optimus Prime repaint. Though if they did that they would just repaint it as Optimus Prime.

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