Blog #1952: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Deluxe Class Sunstreaker

Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Deluxe Class Sunstreaker


Vehicle Mode: I have always had a soft spot for Sunstreaker. G1 Sunstreaker was my first Transformer, so I was really psyched to get this one. Sunstreaker’s vehicle mode is mostly perfect, but there are some issues. A small one is the painting of the bar separating his windshield and side windows. The roof is pegged in as far as it can go, and yet there is a clear gap in the paintjob of the bar. So there are two possibilities. There could be molding issue that doesn’t allow the roof to go down far enough even though it looks like it is in all the way. The roof is lined up with the back of the vehicle, so I think its more likely that it’s just not painted properly. The other issue is they failed to even try to color match the yellow paint with the yellow plastic. While not major issues, these do detract from an otherwise awesome looking toy. The other problem is that he has no spoiler. Sunstreaker is a new mold, but is based on Earthrise Wheeljack’s design. Wheeljack had a spoiler, so it was absolutely possible to put a spoiler on him, Hasbro just didn’t bother to do it.

Robot Mode: Sunstreaker is awesome in robot mode. They gave him big shoulders to simulate the G1 shoulder accessories, that’s great. I am really conflicted about his weapon. G1 Sunstreaker could use his shoulder accessories as a gun hand, and he also had a silver blaster hand, so he didn’t come with a traditional gun accessory. On the other hand, his engine as a gun is just lame. If they had given it barrels that flip out from under each side so it actually looked like a gun, I could accept that. Of course, they could have also given him a real gun so he could leave his engine on his back where it’s supposed to be. Given that they left out his spoiler, leaving out a real gun is even worse.

Overall: The issues aside, this is a great toy. It’s just sad that Hasbro didn’t do a few small things that would have made him perfect, but it’s Hasbro, they rarely go the extra mile.

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