Blog #1896: Toy Review: Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy Rescan Series Wave 3 (Chase Dragster and Medix Jeep)

Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy Rescan Series Wave 3 (Chase Dragster and Medix Jeep)

Hasbro did a poor job of transitioning from the Rescue Bots line to Rescue Bots Academy. Apparently, though I cannot see how, this is considered wave 3 of RBA Rescan Series toys. I give up trying to make sense of what Hasbro does.

Chase Dragster

Chase is a brand new mold. He looks very cool in dragster mode. Robot mode is okay, but there are better Chase figures.

Medix Jeep

Medix is based on previous molds, but seems to be new using the same awful transformation that leaves his arms attached at his waste. It makes him look silly. His vehicle mode is okay, but they needed to paint his light bar. He’s otherwise well painted, including his windshield and side windows. They didn’t paint his rear window, but that would be asking just too much. (That was sarcasm to be clear.)

Overall: Rescue Bots Academy toys aren’t much different than their Rescue Bots predecessors, but Hasbro seemed a bit more motivated to release product regularly rather than once in a while. As Rescue Bots Academy show has now been (mercifully) perhaps that will change with whatever comes next. We can only hope.

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