Blog #1684: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Siege Micromasters Wave 2 (Rescue Patrol, Soundwave Spy Patrol)

Transformers: Generations: Siege Micromasters Wave 2 (Rescue Patrol, Soundwave Spy Patrol)

Rescue Patrol

Red Heat

Red Hot has been renamed Red Heat. He is a remold of Top Shot. Red Hot looks pretty great. I really like his head sculpt.


I really like Stakeout’s police car mode. They actually painted his rear windows. It seems Hasbro has finally figured out that cars have rear windows. I know, I’m shocked too. His head sculpt is great.

Rescue Weapon Mode

I can sum up this gun mode in two words: Train Wreck. It’s a mess. There is a big gap between the two of them which just looks silly. There are two things that pass as gun barrels inside Stakeout’s feet. It was great to give us new versions of the Micromasters, but Hasbro just had to go and gimmick them to death.

Soundwave Spy Patrol


And now we have proof that Hasbro isn’t even trying anymore. Not only did they include these guys in the Micromasters series, thus making sure we get fewer actual Micromasters, but they transform into…rectangles. They didn’t even bother to make them look like cassettes. If you want cassettes, then do cassettes. If you don’t, then don’t. This is ridiculous. As to Laserbeak’s robot mode, the only mode he actually has, it looks pretty good. I don’t really like his face, I’d have preferred a more G1 face, but it’s not too bad. They did not include his guns on his back, which is unfortunate.


Ravage doesn’t look too bad, but his legs are tiny, and would have looked better in black. They sort of included his hip guns, though they are very small and bare little resemblance to the original.

Overall: It’s hard for me to love Red Heat and Stakeout given that we are missing the rest of the team. A ten pack of Micromasters has been announced, and I’m hoping that maybe it will include the other halves of some of the Micromaster teams, but I’m not holding my breath. As to the plastic rectangles, I don’t want to talk about them.

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