Blog #1657: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Jetpower Optimus Prime

Transformers: Studio Series Jetpower Optimus Prime

Read my reviews of Studio Series Voyager Class Optimus Prime (2007 Movie) and Studio Series Leader Class Jetfire.

When Hasbro fails, they fail hard. The toy is way too top heavy, and Optimus Prime’s arm joints are not capable of holding up his gun. Speaking of the gun, Hasbro neglected to include how to transform it in the instructions, so technically, there is no gun mode for the other half of Jetfire. It’s just…extra. It’s crap anyway. His arms don’t peg in properly on the bottom of the gun. Combining a Voyager Optimus Prime with a Leader Class Jetfire just doesn’t make sense. Above he is pictured with Takara Revenge of the Fallen Jetpower Optimus Prime. It is superior in every singe way.

Overall: Rumor has it that Jetfire can also combine with the upcoming Studio Series Leader Class Dark of the moon Optimus Prime (who already comes with his flight pack and trailer). It is possible that they left out the gun mode because it will be included with those instructions. That toy may actually have the capability to hold the gun correctly. Even if that is true it makes no difference. Hasbro failed on so many levels with this.

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  1. Lev Sarayev says:

    Hasbro failed, but Takara suceeded. On it was written onc, that Takara instructions for Jetfire include transformation of the big gun from Jetfire’s upper body.

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