Blog #1648: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Leader Jetfire

Transformers: Studio Series Leader Jetfire

Comparison photos are with the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Jetpower Optimus Prime 2-Pack version of Jetfire, which is a completely different mold.


Vehicle Mode: To say I was extremely disappointed with Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire is an understatement. This one is better…but he’s still the shell of an SR-71 Blackbird with mostly robot parts hanging underneath. A lot of it folds up better than the original, but not by much. He also lacks the really cool gun underneath the nose of the jet like the original had.

Robot Mode: In robot mode this version of Jetfire is a huge improvement. He no longer has the jet nose halves running along his arms. I love the new axe, but I wish he still had the gun. Also, the cane is not long enough to reach the ground. That really sucks, and the design of his hands peg it into his palm, so he’s not gripping the cane like the first toy. His face is exponentially better than the original.

Overall: Jetfire is awesome, if still flawed. This is seemingly the best they can do on his Blackbird mode. I would prefer panels of kibble hanging from his robot mode is it gave us a better SR-71 Blackbird. Ten years saw a design improvement, but by no means a perfection. He can combine with Voyager Class Optimus Prime, to become Jetpower Optimus Prime.  Read my reviews of Studio Series Voyager Class Optimus Prime (2007 Movie) and Studio Series Jetpower Optimus Prime.

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