Blog #1649: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Leader Megatron

Transformers: Studio Series Leader Megatron


Vehicle Mode: After the Transformers 2010 toy series Hasbro said that they were no longer going to make Leader Class Decepticons as they didn’t sell well enough. Prior to that there had only been four different Leader Class Decepticon molds based on the movies, Brawl (2007) (repainted as Deep Dessert Brawl), Megatron (2007), Megatron (ROTF) (repainted as Shadow Commander Megatron), and Starscream, (2010). Since then there has only been one more, The Last Knight Megatron. With the exception of Brawl, who was a pretty good toy, all the rest were anywhere from awful to at best okay. Then came the Studio Series, and Hasbro seemed to figure out that Decepticon Class leader toys will sell if they don’t suck. Blackout was awesome. It’s only taken them twelve years, but we finally have a movie Leader Class Megatron that is truly amazing. Not perfect, but damn close. The spikes on the front and roof of the cab are soft plastic, which is unfortunate, but not unexpected. Other than that, my only complaint about his vehicle mode is that the instructions don’t really show any particular way his tarp is supposed to go onto his vehicle mode. If you look at the instructions, the shapes along the edges of the tarp do not match the actual tarp from the toy. It’s not a major thing, but I would have liked to see a specific way it was meant to go on.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Megatron is also amazing. His molded details, paint apps, and his battle damaged head sculpt are all perfect. Again, the only real complaint is the tarp. His hood is too big. You can’t put it on so it just shadows his face. It either covers it, or you pull it back behind his head. I tried to put it on the right way, and it just doesn’t look right no matter what I do. If you wanted to sew it onto him you could probably get it to look right, but I’m not about to do that.

Overall: Megatron is awesome, and absolute a must have toy.

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