Blog #1481: Toy Review: Transformers: Beast Wars Metals Deluxe Transmetal Airazor vs. Basic Fuzor Quickstrike

Transformers: Beast Wars Metals Deluxe Transmetal Airazor vs. Basic Fuzor Quickstrike

Transmetal Airazor

Beast Mode: I almost forgot what a great toy Transmetal Airazor is. Her mechanical hawk mode is awesome. Her seaplane mode is a little weird, but most of the Transmetal vehicle modes are. She differs from the Hasbro release in that she now has orange plastic instead of yellow and translucent white plastic instead of opaque white. She looks very cool.

Robot Mode: Airazor looks equally great in robot mode. I’m not a huge fan of the way her claws hang off her hands, but that’s a small thing. Her seaplane pontoons can become cannons.

Fuzor Quickstrike

Beast Mode: As a Fuzor, Quickstrike is a cross between a scorpion and a cobra. I love his scorpion mode. He’s not that different from the Hasbro version in this mode. His legs are darker orange, but he’s otherwise no different.

Robot Mode: I never liked Quickstrike’s robot mode. His “hands,” if you can call them that, are accurate to the cartoon, but I’ve always hated them. His face is painted different from the Hasbro version and is much more accurate to the cartoon, which is the best reason to have the Japanese Quickstrike.

Overall: This is a great set, that I mainly bought because I got such a great deal on it. I’m not sure either is so much better than the Hasbro versions, but the additional paint apps and color changes to Airazor’s plastic do look great.

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