Blog #1428: Toy Review: Transformers: Platinum Edition Year of the Rooster Optimus Prime

Transformers: Platinum Edition Year of the Rooster Optimus Prime

Platinum Edition Year of the Rooster Optimus Prime is a reissue of Hybrid Style Convoy. This came out about a year ago in Asia and Canada, but I’ve been hoping it would actually show up in the USA. No such luck.

Optimus Prime comes with his trailer and Roller, as well as a stand, axe, and three extra sets of hands.

Optimus Prime is only about the size of a Power of the Primes Legends Class toy. If you like articulation, he’s got plenty, way too much in my opinion. He comes with a jet pack and his gun. The big problem with his truck mode is that I couldn’t get his arms pegged in. I don’t recall this as an issue with the original, so maybe its mold degradation, but even when properly tabbed in, the cab has voids around it where the silver striping should be. It just doesn’t look very good. He looks fine in robot mode, but he’s way too small. I do not have any idea why Takara thought this toy was a good idea.

Overall: This was way overpriced at $125, and not that great to begin with. Fortunately it seems that it’s the last of the overpriced Platinum Edition toys, so at least there’s that.

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