Blog #1385: How Hasbro Ruined Power of the Primes #transformers @Hasbro

How Hasbro Ruined Power of the Primes

It’s really a shame. Hasbro has come up with some really great toys for Power of the Primes line. Some of them are ones we’ve been wanting for a long time. For me, though, they have completely ruined the entire line before it even started.

Each Power of the Primes toy (except for Prime Masters) comes with a trading card much like Titans Return and non-Deluxe Combiner Wars toys. Unfortunately, some moron at Hasbro decided to make TWELVE different cards for each toy, one for each Prime Master, RANDOMLY packed with the toys. This means that to actually get all the cards you need to buy twelve of each toy, and that is assuming you can find them with all twelve different cards.


I know that some people don’t really care about the cards. (If you are one of them, I will happily send you money for shipping to send them to me.) That’s fine for them. I do collect the cards. A toy is not complete unless it has it’s trading card. In this case, it’s not complete unless it includes all twelve trading cards. There is virtually no chance that I will be able to track down all the cards and actually have a complete set of Power of the Primes. I’m certainly not buying twelve of each toy.

How completely stupid does someone have to be to think that the way to make collectors happy is to make it impossible to get what they are collecting? Its imbecilic.

Thank you Hasbro for ruining Transformers for me. Fuck you.

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1 Response to Blog #1385: How Hasbro Ruined Power of the Primes #transformers @Hasbro

  1. Matt says:

    Pretty painful to see this happen. It’s a concept that sounds interesting, but the git who approved it clearly gave it no more than 5 seconds of thought, completely forgetting some people might want to actually collect these things. I can’t see the justification in buying 12 copies of the same figure at the very least for the purpose of collecting a single set of cards for them.
    And if the whole deal with Mission to Cybertron was anything to go by…well, Slash’s card was already completely fucked up, and it’ll greatly complicate matters if they release a fixed variant.
    I wish you great luck in securing the cards, hopefully through affordable means such as eBay or other fans who don’t wish to keep theirs.

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