Blog #1300: Toy Reviews: Transformers: The Last Knight Valvoline Valvotron

Transformers: The Last Knight Valvoline Valvotron

Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Reviews

Valvotron is an action figure available exclusively from Valvoline. It can be obtained either by submitting a receipt from an oil change at Valvoline into a contest (I think that promotion is over) or by purchasing 5 quarts of their full synthetic motor oil which is supposed to get you one automatically (which I think runs through late July). I did both. The one I received in the mail today came with this.

The letter says that I am a winner, so in theory, I have another one of these coming to me in the mail. Could be they all come with this and this might be the one I got for buying the oil. I guess time will tell if I really won or not.

Inside the white box he is packed in a plastic clamshell that is shaped like a bottle of motor oil, which is what his alternate mode would be if he could actually transform.

And here we have Valvotron. Yeah, he’s a little underwhelming. He doesn’t transform. His arms and legs move but that’s all. As a free prize, or for buying just 5 quarts of oil, I guess he’s worth it, but I wouldn’t pay any real money for him, I’ve seen him for $60 – $100 on eBay. He’s just not worth that. I kind of wonder why Hasbro didn’t just repaint a Legends Class toy with the Valvoline logo on it. That would certainly have created a lot more interest than I think Valvotron is did. Having said that, he does look pretty cool, but he’s hardly a must have.

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