Blog #1279: Toy Reviews: Transformers: The Last Knight One Step Turbo Changers Wave 2 (Berserker, Grimlock, Megatron)

Transformers: The Last Knight One Step Turbo Changers Wave 2 (Berserker, Grimlock, Megatron)

Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Reviews


Berserker looks great in vehicle mode, though he doesn’t really resemble the SUV that he is supposed to be.  He looks more like a pickup truck with an extended cab and spoiler.  I like it though.  He has decent paint apps in robot mode.  He has the bent up legs that I hate, but the way he is designed he stands up fine.


Read my review of the original release of this mold here.  I like that they are at least doing The Last Knight Grimlock toys in the movie accurate colors, something we never got from any of the Age of Extinction Grimlocks (at least in the USA).


Megatron is supposed to be a One Step Changer who transformers in three steps minimum, four steps if you want to get technical.  Before the single step transformation, you need to fold up his wings.  I would argue that is two steps, but you could, I guess, call it one.  Then you do his “one step” transformation.  Then you have to flip down his feet for the third (or fourth) step.  His jet mode doesn’t look bad.  I’m not at all crazy about the look of his robot mode, but I’m hoping the Voyager and Leader toys higher level of detail will make it look better.

Overall: Grimlock might be worth getting just because he is in the right colors.  I think the new molds are worth it.  This wave is definitely better than wave one, but I am yet to be excited about any The Last Knight toy, and that is really depressing.

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