Blog #1262: Toy Reviews: Transformers: The Last Knight Optimus Prime Battle Blaster Sword

Transformers: The Last Knight Optimus Prime Battle Blaster Sword

Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Reviews

This is a pretty cool toy.  I think it’s loosely based on Cade’s gun from Age of Extinction that he found on Lockdown’s ship being a sword that turns into a gun.  The gun mode looks very cool.  It has lights and sounds that go off when the trigger is pulled.  It is recorded in Peter Cullen’s voice, which is awesome.  To change to sword mode, you push the gun handle up to become the hilt on one side, and flip the scope ninety degrees to form the other hilt.  Then you pull out the small gray blade in front of the scope.  Only then can you press the button to extend the tip.  It’s pretty cool, and not too expensive at $25.  Interestingly, this is not manufactured by Hasbro, but a company called eKids.  I am pretty sure that in the past role play toys like this were made by Hasbro.  I checked out their site.  They make all kinds of licensed character merchandise, so we are likely to see more eKids items for Transformers: The Last Knight, though interestingly, there site makes no mention of Transformers being among their products.

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