Blog #1250: Toy Reviews: Transformers: The Last Knight Deluxe Berserker

Transformers: The Last Knight Deluxe Berserker

Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Reviews


Vehicle Mode: Berserker was initially reported to be a remold of Dark of the Moon Deluxe Crankcase, but this was not correct.  Berserker is a brand new mold, that is based on Crankcase.  His car mode is clearly meant to be a police or government vehicle, as he has light bars on his roof.  I really like his truck mode, but he was kind of a pain to Transform.  The two side panels on the rear of the truck are difficult to get in place.  The first problem is that they are pegged in to his forearms, but they come out rather easily.  Because his arms do not peg into place inside, they won’t stay in place so you can put them on, so you have to be careful not to pull them out.  This is made more difficult as they are pegging into the backs of his legs.  His feet should peg together, but do not, so when you try to peg this in to the backs of them they move.  These design flaws could have been fixed with a few pegs to keep things in place.

Robot Mode: He looks nice in robot mode, but his legs are terribly designed.  He can only stand up if you bend up his legs so they look ridiculous, and even then he barely stands.

Overall: Berserker is plagues by design flaws, but he is a new mold, which is a rarity in this line, so I would have to recommend him.

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