Blog #1238: Toy Review: Maketoys: Quantron (AKA Computron)

Maketoys: Quantron (AKA Computron)

I don’t buy a lot of third party toys, but I have always wanted to get some of the third party combiners.  I couldn’t pass on Maketoys Quantron for $200.  For the sake of simplicity, I am going to be referring to these guys by their Transformers names.  Here are their Maketoys names in case you care.

Quantron (Computron)
Blindfire (Strafe)
Celeritas (Lightspeed)
Metalstorm (Scattershot)
Overheat (Afterburner)
Sonic Drill (Nosecone)


Strafe looks awesome.  His jet mode is perfect.  I love the translucent orange guns.  His robot mode is equally perfect.  I really like his head sculpt.


Lightspeed’s car mode is awesome.  I love the big shoulders in robot mode.  He is a little thin, but looks great otherwise.


Scattershot has two jet modes.  One incorporates Computron’s feet and hands (his hands go inside the feet).  I kind of like that one better.  Without them his wings seem awfully thin considering how massive his hull is.  In robot mode, you don’t have to put Computron’s feet and hands on him, but he stands up better with them on.  His ankle joints aren’t great, and he tends to fall over, but with them on he is rock solid.  I love the head sculpt and his guns.  Each is very reminiscent of Scattershot’s G1 gun.


They made Afterburner into a Tron lightcycle.  How awesome is that?  I like him a little better with his missile pods and gun on him.  He looks great in robot mode, but I kind of wish the wheels on his shoulders folded back a little more.


Nosecone’s tank mode is awesome.  I love some of the details like the lights on the back.  If he is supposed to be drilling into the ground, he would need some light.  He does not have any separate weapons, but he does have cannons on each side that are built in.  In robot mode the cannons fold up under his forearms for use in robot mode.  The treads on the inside of his legs makes it so you can’t stand him up straight.  I hate having to pose him with his feet apart.  I love the colors, he really looks great.


Computron is awesome.  His head seems a little small, but other than that, he looks perfect.  He has a bunch of different weapons configurations.  He has his gun, which is made of both of Scattershot’s guns plus a couple of other parts.  He can strap the front of Scattershot’s jet mode onto his arm as a cannon.  The cannon can also be converted into a crossbow.  Finally, the crossbow can convert into a bow and arrow.  That’s pretty amazing design.  Whoever designed this should be working for Hasbro.  Actually, Hasbro is probably beneath their skill level.  Maybe they should work for Takara and design some Masterpiece combiners?

Overall: I can’t recommend Quantron at $400, but I paid $200 and am very happy with him.  Computron is my favorite combiner, so this was kind of a no brainer.

Thanks for reading!

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