Blog #1216: Transformers: The Last Knight Toy and Merchandise Reviews!

Here we go again!

3/23/17: Transformers: The Last Knight (I love that title) comes out on June 23rd.  We don’t have to wait that long for the toys.  The official US release date for Wave 1 is April 24th (I’m taking that day off work).  Not much to say at this juncture, though fro the most part I’m loving what I’ve seen of the toys.  A few too many repaints, but we always get that.  Below is a list of all toys that are currently announced.  I will of course be updating that and eventually adding links to reviews.  If you have any info on new toys that is not accurate below, let me know.  Hasbro doesn’t exactly make it easy and sometimes I see conflicting information.  Just releasing a list would be way too convenient.  That’s all for now.  Updates as new information comes in, and expect reviews to start the week of April 24th.

4/17/17: I picked up my first Transformers: The Last Knight merchandise.  A t-shirt, poster, and USB hub was given out at the Imax fan event.  I was able to get them pretty reasonably on eBay.

4/24/17: Well, that sucked.  Toys R Us apparently took it upon themselves to declare April 24th as the official release date for The Last Knight Toys.  You can find my thoughts on that: Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Release Day: How Toys R Us Stole Christmas.  Needless to say it sucks.  All I ended up finding was Wave 1 Deluxes, Voyagers, and Knight Armor Turbo Changers.  I should have One Step Turbo Changers later in the week (I ordered them online).  Hoping that Legion and Tiny Turbo Changers show up in store the end of the week.  I am going to try to get some of the reviews up tonight.

4/25/17: If you read my post yesterday titled, Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Release Day: How Toys R Us Stole Christmas, then you should definitely read my follow up post, Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Release Day: How Toys R Us Stole Christmas 2: The Shadow Conspiracy (Starring Hasbro as Jar Jar Binks!).

4/27/17: Well, I’ve posted reviews of most of the first wave of Last Knight Toys, Wave 1 Knight Armor Turbo Changers, Wave 1 One Step Turbo Changers, Wave 1 Deluxes, and Wave 1 Voyagers. I will have Wave 1 Legion and Series 1 Tiny Turbo Changers tomorrow.  I am, to put it mildly, unimpressed.  Other than Voyager Optimus Prime, and Deluxe Barricade, there is not much to here worth buying.  Deluxe Barricade isn’t bad, but has some flaws.  It feels like Hasbro isn’t even trying.  Anyway.  I expect to have Legion and Tiny Turbo Changer reviews up this weekend.  The only thing I haven’t found for toys that should be out is the Titan Changers, which are out in other countries, so they should be showing up soon.  There is some other merchandise out there.  Some Toys R Us stores have Optimus Prime and Bumblebee shield and sword sets, but I have yet to find them.  There is also a fleece blanket reported at Walmart, but I can’t find that either.  This movie better be amazing, because so far the toys and merchandise sucks.  However, Hasbro did reveal Masterpiece movie Optimus Prime, and he looks amazing.  I’m glad they went with his look from the first three movies.  I love the look of Optimus in AOE and TLK, but I prefer the original Movie version.

4/30/17: I’ve added link s before to reviews of Legion Wave 1 and Tiny Turbo Changers Series 1.  The Legion is a disaster.  Absolute crap.  I also found the Bumblebee and Optimus Prime shield and sword sets as well as the Optimus Prime Battle Blaster Sword.  Pics and reviews linked below.  I’m still on the hunt for the fleece blanket at Walmart.

5/5/17: I found and interesting T-Shirt at Toys R Us.  It may or may not be related to the Toys R Us Mission to Cybetron sub line of The Last Knight Toys.  You can read that blog here.  I also found the Transformers: The Last Knight Schick Hydro razors.  I hadn’t heard about this promotion until a friend sent me a picture of the display.  I’ve only seen them at Walgreens, and not every store I went to had them.  You can read my blog about them here.  Additionally a catalog photo has the toys is Tiny Turbo Changers Series 2.  It’s not clear who all of them are but we have a general list.  See below.

5/10/17: Found a few things today.  I finally found that blanket at Walmart, linked below.  I also found some headphones at Toys R Us.  There are a couple of new posters available at Walmart, but I haven’t found them yet.  I did fin Wave 1 Titan Changers.  A review is linked below.

5/13/17: I found a Knight Armor Turbo Changer Megatron today.  Review is linked below.  I also found one of the posters at Walmart, but I haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet.

5/19/17: No new reviews, but we got confirmation of Masterpiece Barricade.  I will be looking forward to that one.  Also the confirmed list of Tiny Turbo Changers series 2 is out and updates below.

5/20/17: A couple of variations have been reported.  First was a face variation on Voyager Optimus Prime.  The variation has a mouth instead of mouth plate.  I haven’t seen one.  The other variation is on Deluxe Bumblebee.  This one I have found.  It’s a paint variation.  Hasbro has actually corrected a bad paintjob.  My review of the variation below.

5/28/17: I’ve added reviews for Wave 2 One Step Turbo Changers.  I am expecting to have Wave 2 Deluxes in a week from now.  I also found a set of Walkie Talkies at Toys R Us.  A link to them is below.

6/1/17: A whole bunch of new Transformers: The Last Knight toys were revealed today.  First off, a Takara will release a new version of their Age of Extinction Armor Knight Optimus Prime called Calibur Optimus Prime.  Details here.  He will include a new shield and axe, as well as a backpack to hold his sword.  There will be two versions, a standard and limited version.  The only difference between the two is that the limited version comes with an additional sword from one of the previous Optimus Prime toys.  Deluxe Cogman, Hot Rod, (New Molds) and Megatron (repainted Bomber Megatron) photos were revealed. Details here.  It is not clear if all of these are Toys R Us exclusives along with Skullitron, or if Cogman and Hot Rod are general releases. Leader Dragonstorm and Voyager Nitro official photos are out. Details here. There is a long list of store exclusives that were announced, details here for the Target Optimus Prime and here for everything else.  We are getting a Voyager Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime repainted with new accessories at Target. Toys R Us will have a One Step Changer 2-Pack that includes Hot Rod (Remolded AOE Lockdown?) and a repainted Bumblebee. Toys R Us will also have a repainted Supreme Class Primus in a G2 inspired color scheme as well as an Optimus Prime Deluxe 2-Pack which will include repaints of Dark of the Moon Deluxe Optimus Prime and 2007 Movie Protoform Optimus Prime. Walmart will have a single carded exclusive Legion Class Hot Rod. Toys R Us and Walmart will each have several Legion 2-Packs, Bumblebee/Hot Rod, Optimus Prime/Ravenspar, and Megatron/Berserker at Walmart and Bumblebee/Megatron and Optimus Prime/Grimlock at Toys R Us. Lastly, Walmart is getting two Age of Extinction Flip & Change toys, a repaint of Bumblebee, and what I am guessing is a remold of Lockdown into Hot Rod.  Cobiner Infernocus has been known as a Toys R Us exclusive for a while, but we finally have offical photos.  A few of these are exciting. Nitro and Dragonstorm look amazing. I like that Voyager Optimus Prime repaint and it comes with new weapons, so that’s good. Deluxe Cogman and Hot Rod should be pretty cool. I love the color scheme on Primus. The rest is typical repaint crap like the vast majority of The Last Knight toyline.

6/1/17 (UPDATE): Hasbro has release some new information on the deluxe toys.  Cogman will be a general release and is a Titan Master and compatible with other Titan Masters.  He is likely the final toy in Wave 3 (I”m guessing).  Hot Rod will be exclusive to Walmart.  Skullitron will be a Toys R Us exclusive along with the repainted Bomber Megatron.  Skullitron is a repaint of Steelbane with a new head.  Details here.

6/6/17: I’ve added reviews of Deluxe Drift, Sqweeks, Slug, and Steelbane.  Also I added some stickers and the 4 Crush Soda cans.

6/11/17: A new exclusive has been revealed.  Target will have a 6-Pack of One Step Changers.  Unlike some of the previous Target 6-Packs, these seems to all have additional paint apps, and even better, come with weapons.

6/16/17: I added the upcoming Target exclusive Tiny Turbo Changers 3-Pack to the list.

6/29/17: I’ve added reviews for Titan Changer Megatron and the Toys R Us Exclusive Mission to Cybertron Optimus Prime Deluxe 2-Pack. I’ve also added a few non toy items, including three The Last Knight pillows, some cups from Sonic Drive-In, and a sticker sheet. I also did a blog about the Sonic Drive-In stickers, All are linked below.

7/4/17: I’ve added reviews for Toys R Us Exclusive Megatron & Skullitron and Jada Die Cast Barricade, Bumblebee, and Crosshairs.  I’ve also updated my blog about the Sonic Drive-In Stickers with pics of the individual packs and two additional stickers.

7/9/17: I’ve added reviews of the Toys R Us Legion 2-Packs.

7/15/17: I’ve added a review of the Jada 1:24 Hot Rod.

8/22/17: I have added reiews for Leader Class, Optimus Prime and Megatron, Voyager, Optimus Prime (Toys R Us), Optimus Prime (SDCC), Hound, Scorn, Nitro, and Megatron, Supreme Class Cbertron, Mega One Step Changers Dragonstorm, Legion Wave 2, Jada 1:64 vehicles, 1:32 vehciles, and 1:24 Optimus Prime, Combiner Infernocus, and AllSpark Tech Starter Packs Optimus Prime and Shadow Spark Optimus Prime.

9/25/17: I have added reviews of AllSpark Tech Figures Wave 1, Calibur Optimus Prime, Flip & Change Bumblebee, Legion Hot Rod, the One Step Turbo Changer 6-Pack, and the Tiny Turbo Changers 3-Pack.  Also added some new merchandise.

11/26/17: I added a bunch of new reviews and merchandise.  Click here to read how Hasbro’s Customer Service sucks.

12/14/17: Well, the criminally pathetic Transformers: The Last Knight toyline is drawing to an abysmal close.  All I’m still loking for at this point is the AllSpak Tech Megatron, AllSpark Tech Starter Pack Sqweeks, Role Play Mask Squeeks, Deluxe Cogman, Deluxe Crosshairs (corrected version), Voyager Optimus Prime (mouth variant), and Vouager Hound (Red Cross Variant).  The line has a few really good toys, but mostly I will remember this line for teaching me not to look forward to a movie line, since Hasbro is just phoning them in.  Anyway, I’ve added reviews of Wave 3 One Step Changers and Legion, Walmart Exlcusie 2-packs, and Jada Die Cast 1:32 Scale Hot Rod.  Alos still looking for that Hot Rod poster from Walmart.

1/23/18: I have added reviews for AllSpark Tech Megatron and Deluxe Cogman.

2/8/18: I’ve added a review of AllSpark Tech Starter Pack Sqweeks.  That’s the last of the toys for The Last Knight.  We can finally put this deplorable joke of a toyline behind us.  Still looking for the corrected mold deluxe Crosshairs, and the voyager hound with red cross.  I am also still looking for that Hot Rod poster from Walmart.


AllSpark Tech Figures


AllSpark Tech Starter Packs

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime (Shadow Spark)


Infernocus (Toys R Us)


Barricade (Wave 1)
Berserker (Wave 1)
Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Bumblebee (Wave 1) (Paint Variation)
Slash (Wave 1)
Drift (Wave 2)
Slug (Wave 2)
Sqweeks (Wave 2)
Steelbane (Wave 2)
Bumblebee (New Mold) (Wave 3)
Crosshairs (Wave 3)
Strafe (Wave 3)
Cogman (Wave 3)
Hot Rod (Walmart)
Megatron (Toys R Us)
Skullitron (Toys R Us)
Optimus Prime 2-Pack (Toys R Us)

Flip & Change

Bumblebee (Walmart)
Hot Rod (Walmart)

Jada Die Cast 1:24 Scale

Hot Rod (Walmart)
Optimus Prime

Jada Die Cast 1:24 Scale with Collector Coin

Hot Rod (Walmart)

Jada Die Cast 1:32 Scale

Hot Rod
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime with Trailer

Jada Die Cast 1:64 Scale

Hot Rod (Walmart)
Optimus Prime

Knight Armor Turbo Changer

Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Grimlock (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Megatron (Wave 2)
Hound (Wave 3)


Megatron (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Dragonstorm (Wave 2)

Leader (Japan)

Optimus Prime (Calibur)


Barricade (Wave 1)
Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Grimlock (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Crosshairs (Wave 2)
Drift (Wave 2)
Megatron (Wave 2)
Dragonstorm (Wave 3)
Hound (Wave 3)
Hot Rod (Walmart)
Bumblebee & Hot Rod 2-Pack (Walmart)
Bumblebee & Megatron 2-Pack (Toys R Us)
Grimlock & Optimus Prime 2-Pack (Toys R Us)
Megatron & Berserker 2-Pack (Walmart)
Optimus Prime & Ravenspar 2-Pack (Walmart)


Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (Wave 2)

Mega One Step Turbo Changers




One Step Turbo Changers

Barricade (Wave 1)
Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Hound (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Grimlock (Wave 2)
Megatron (Wave 2)
Berserker (Wave 2)
Cogman (Wave 3)
Drift (Wave 3)
Scorn (Wave 3)
Bumblebee & Hot Rod 2-Pack (Walmart)
6-Pack (Target)

Radio Control


Role Play Toys

Bumblebee Deluxe Role Play Set
Bumblebee Mask
Bumblebee Gloves
Bumblebee Sword & Shield Battle Pack
Hot Rod Gloves
Megatron Mask
Optimus Prime Battle Blaster Sword
Optimus Prime Deluxe Role Play Set
Optimus Prime Gloves
Optimus Prime Helmet
Optimus Prime Sword & Shield Battle Pack
Sqweeks Mask


Cybertron (Toys R Us)

Tiny Turbo Changers

Blackout (Series 1)
Bumblebee (Series 1)
Bumblebee (Knight Strike) (Series 1)
Crosshairs (Series 1)
Grimlock (Series 1)
Grimlock (Shadow Armor) (Series 1)
Hound (Series 1)
Lockdown (Series 1)
Optimus Prime (Series 1)
Sideswipe (Series 1)
Soundwave (Series 1)
Starscream (Series 1)
Barricade (Series 2)
Berserker (Series 2)
Bumblebee (Series 2)
Chopter (Series 2)
Cogman (Series 2)
Drift (Series 2)
Hot Rod (Series 2)
Megatron (Series 2)
Optimus Prime (Series 2)
Shockwave (Series 2)
Sqweeks (Series 2)
Starscream (Sky Camo) (Series 2)
3-Pack (Bumblebee / Optimus Prime / Steelbane) (Target)

Titan Changers

Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Megatron (Wave 2)


Grimlock (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (SDCC)
Optimus Prime (Toys R Us)



Polish Movie Flier


Bumblebee / Hot Rod / Optimus Prime / Sqweeks – A
Bumblebee / Hot Rod / Optimus Prime / Sqweeks – B


Pillow – Bumblebee
Pillow – Optimus Prime
Pillow – Sqweeks
Silky Soft Throw


2018 – A
2018 – B

Christmas Ornaments

Hot Rod
Optimus Prime


Green – Optimus prime
Gray – Bumblebee
Imax Event T-Shirt
Imax Event T-Shirt – Bumblebee
Imax Event T-Shirt – Optimus Prime – Black
Imax Event T-Shirt – Optimus Prime – Gray

Coloring Books

Coloring Book

Comic Books

Mission to Cybertron

Dental Care

Electric Toothbrush
Kid’s Smile Gift Set

Die Cast Cars

Optimus Prime


Imax Event USB Hub
Walkie Talkies


Crush Soda Can – Barricade – Box
Crush Soda Can – Barricade – Empty
Crush Soda Can – Barricade – Full
Crush Soda Can – Bumblebee – Box
Crush Soda Can – Bumblebee – Empty
Crush Soda Can – Bumblebee – Full
Crush Soda Can – Megatron – Empty
Crush Soda Can – Megatron – Box
Crush Soda Can – Megatron – Full
Crush Soda Can – Optiums Prime – Box
Crush Soda Can – Optiums Prime – Empty
Crush Soda Can – Optiums Prime – Full

Greeting Cards

Optimus Prime with Dog Tag

Home Video

4K – Transformers: The Last Knight
4K – Transformers: The Last Knight – Steelbook – Best Buy
4K – Transformers: The Last Knight – Walmart
Blu-Ray – Transformers: The Last Knight
Blu-Ray – Transformers: The Last Knight – 3D
Blu-Ray – Transformers: The Last Knight – Barnes and Noble
Blu-Ray – Transformers: The Last Knight – Steelbook – Best Buy
Blu-Ray – Transformers: The Last Knight – Target
Blu-Ray – Transformers: The Last Knight – Toys R Us
Blu-Ray – Transformers: The Last Knight – Walmart
Blu-Ray – Transformers: The Last Knight – Walmart With Die Cast Vehicles
DVD – Transformers: The Last Knight
DVD – Transformers: The Last Knight – Toys R Us

Mission to Cybertron Trading Cards

9 Different Cards

Medical Supplies

Bandadge – Autobot – A
Bandadge – Autobot – B
Bandadge – Autobot / Bumblebee
Bandadge – Autobot / Decepticon – A
Bandadge – Autobot / Decepticon – B
Bandadge – Autobot / Optimus Prime
Bandadge – Bumblebee – A
Bandadge – Bumblebee – B
Bandadge – Bumblebee / Optimus Prime
Bandadge – Bumblebee / Sqweeks
Bandadge – Megatron – A
Bandadge – Megatron – B
Bandadge – Megatron / Optimus Prime
Bandadge – Optimus Prime – A
Bandadge – Optimus Prime – B
Bandadge – Optimus Prime – C
Bandadge – Sqweeks
Bandadge – Transformers: The Last Knight – A
Bandadge – Transformers: The Last Knight – B


Advent Calendar
Dancing Sqweeks
Drawstring Bag
Fidget Spinner
Imax Ticket
Wet Ones


Hascon Psoter Signed by Mark Wahlberg
Imax Event Poster
Regal Cinemas Poster
We Bring the Awesome

Razors & Accessories

Schick Hydro Disposable Razor 3-Pack – Optimus Prime
Schick Hydro Razor – Bumblebee
Schick Hydro Razor – Megatron
Schick Hydro Razor – Optimus Prime
Schick Hydro Razor Replacement Blades – Bumblebee
Schick Hydro Razor Replacement Blades – Megatron
Schick Hydro Razor Replacement Blades – Optimus Prime
Schick Hydrobot vs. The Transformers Comic Book
Shave Gel – Optimus Prime
Store Display

Sporting Goods

Adventure Kit

Sonic Drive-In

Cup – Plastic
Cup – Styrofoam – A
Cup – Styrofoam – B
Cup – Styrofoam – C
Stickers & Packs (Updated: 7/1/27)


Patient Stickers – Box
Patient Stickers – Box – Anime
Patient Stickers – Bumblebee
Patient Stickers – Bumblebee – Anime
Patient Stickers – Bumblebee/Optimus Prime
Patient Stickers – Bumblebee/Optimus Prime/Sqweeks
Patient Stickers – Megatron
Patient Stickers – Megatron – Anime
Patient Stickers – Optimus Prime
Patient Stickers – Optimus Prime – Anime
Patient Stickers – Roll
Patient Stickers – Roll – Anime
Patient Stickers – Sqweeks
Patient Stickers – Sqweeks – Anime
Valvoline Autobot Sticker


LCD Watch and Marker Set
Optimus Prime

Wrapping Paper

Bumblebee / Optimus Prime /Sqweeks


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    I picked them up on eBay. I still can’t find them in store. I think they came from Texas.

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    where did u find all the new cans I’ve​
    searched everywhere

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