Blog #1205: Toy Review: Transformers: Rescue Bots Mini-Cons Sequoia

0tfrbrs-00Transformers: Rescue Bots Mini-Cons Sequoia



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Sequoia looks pretty great in bear mode.  He turns into some kind of poorly designed ax.  His rear legs are spring loaded, so I guess he’s supposed to be held straight up and the axe flips out to hit something.  It would be better without the spring loaded function and just flipping up his legs up so he looked like an ax.  The spring pushes his legs past vertical, so he doesn’t look any better with his ax deployed.

Overall: He looks good enough in bear mode to ignore the flawed weapon mode.  Interestingly, the bot he is pared with, Brushfire, isn’t even out yet.  I’m not sure Sequoia is available in stores yet, but he was on Hasbro Toy Shop.

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