Blog #1195: Toy Review: Transformers Rescue Bots Rescue Teams (Arctic Rescue Boulder & Bumblebee Rock Rescue Team)


Transformers Rescue Bots Rescue Teams (Arctic Rescue Boulder & Bumblebee Rock Rescue Team)


Arctic Rescue Boulder

tfrbrt-02 tfrbrt-03 tfrbrt-04 tfrbrt-05 tfrbrt-06 tfrbrt-07 tfrbrt-08 tfrbrt-09

This sets includes a figure, which the instructions refer to a Graham, which makes sense as he is Boulder’s partner.  There is a snowmobile with a drill on the front he can ride.  The Snowmobile along with a pair of arms forms a bot called Windchill.  Graham can also attaché the arms to his pack as a sort of exosuit.  Boulder turns into a snowplow.  He is the best part of the set.  His robot mode is okay, but his vehicle mode looks great.  He can carry the snowmobile.  It seems kind of random, but it’s not a bad toy.


Bumblebee Rock Rescue Team

tfrbrt-11 tfrbrt-12 tfrbrt-13 tfrbrt-14 tfrbrt-15 tfrbrt-16 tfrbrt-17

The Bumblebee set is definitely the better of the two.  It comes with a lion and  bird of some kind.  I think its supposed to be an eagle.  You can take the eagle and the lion’s rear legs and turn him into a griffin.  They both look pretty cool.  The set also comes with some grinning idiot who does not seem to be named either on the box or in the instructions.  The eagle’s wings can be attached to his back.  This is possibly to simulate a failed rescue where he dies and becomes an angel.  Just kidding.  Bumblebee looks really cool as an ATV.  The lion comes apart and his front half becomes a winch that can be used as free standing or attached to Bumblebee in vehicle mode.

Overall: I’m sure kids will have a lot of fun with these.  The Bumblebee set definitely the better of the two.

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