Blog #1081: Toy Review: Transformers: Platinum Edition One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall (Optimus Prime & Megatron)


Transformers: Platinum Edition One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall (Optimus Prime & Megatron)

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As it happens, I have never done full reviews of these molds, so this is as good an opportunity as any.



Vehicle: It’s kind of amazing that they actually re-released this toy.  The original version of the mold came out in 2006 as part of the Classics line.  It wasn’t quite properly colored for G1 Megatron.  In fact, they made it look like a Nerf gun, and I’m sure that wasn’t an accident.  It’s a decent mold and likely the last gun Megatron we’re ever going to see.  That’s a real shame, but what can you do?  This version looks better in gun mode than the original.  Predominantly in red with black it looks really cool.  While I understand (but loathe) the orange tip of the barrel, the orange tip on the scope is idiotic and pointless.  Whatever lawyer made them do that is a dick.


Robot:  The best version of the mold was the original Japanese version that was done in true G1 Megatron colors.  I think I’d like it better if they had made his forearms silver instead of red, but overall this a is pretty cool toy.

Optimus Prime


Vehicle Mode: This is just sad.  This is one of the best Optimus Prime molds ever.  Post G1 there is this and Masterpiece MP-12.  I think I would take this one over Masterpiece MP-1.  This mold has been released a number of times both as Optimus Prime and not as Optimus Prime.  There are some really nice paint jobs on this toy.  Unfortunately this is not one of them.  I love translucent Transformers, but making those two panels in translucent blue on the front and sides of his vehicle just looks stupid.  I have the Japanese Crystal Convoy version of this toy and it looks incredible.  Had they done something like that, then this would be something really special.  This is not that.


Robot Mode: While the vehicle mode coloring sucks, he looks pretty great in robot mode.

Overall: At $75 for two voyager toys, this set is overpriced.  What is really sad is that they decided to celebrate Transformers: The Movie with Megatron in not Megatron colors, and a ridiculous repaint of Optimus Prime.  They should have done them both fully (or at least as fully as they can, some parts have to be opaque) in translucent plastic in classic G1 colors.  That would have been amazing.  As is, these molds haven’t been available in a while, Megatron in particular.  So if you need the molds, it’s worth getting.  I can’t exactly recommend to skip an Optimus Prime and Megatron set, but if ever I was going to, this would be it.

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