Blog #1062: Toy Review: Botcon 2016 Club Subscription Service 4.0 Deluxe Grabuge (Ruckus)

Botcon 2016 Club Subscription Service 4.0 Deluxe Grabuge (Ruckus)


Grabuge is a repaint of Transformers Generations Deluxe Off Road.

Before we get to the toy, the name must be addressed.  So, apparently they could not use the name Ruckus.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Ruckus seems to be just a word like jazz or brawl that they need to put Autobot or Decepticon in front of.  So, I am going to assume they couldn’t for some reason.  If they could, then not calling him Decepticon Ruckus is really stupid.  Garbage…sorry…Grabuge is his French/Canadian name.  Really?  That’s the best they could come up with?  I went to and typed in ruckus.  These are some of the words that came up.


Don’t you think they could find something in there that would be a better name than Garbage…sorry…Grabuge.  Something that means Ruckus?  How about Turmoil or Racket, or if need be, Decepticon Turmoil or Decepticon Racket?

Now, at the end of the day, he’s not the only Transformer with a stupid name.  That’s annoying, but what really pisses me off is that in the past when they do this, they still use the name the toy should have had in the fiction.  Pick one name for the toy, not one for the toy and one for the fiction.  As I don’t read Botcon fiction, I don’t know if he has or will appear in the fiction, but I hope not.

tfbcss2016-grabuge-02 tfbcss2016-grabuge-03 tfbcss2016-grabuge-04 tfbcss2016-grabuge-05 tfbcss2016-grabuge-06

Garbage…sorry…Grabuge looks pretty good.  They did a nice job painting him in vehicle mode.  Robot mode is not bad, but his chest is mostly cream colored.  He could have used a few more paint apps.  It’s not my favorite mold, I hate that gun pointing at his cab.  Other than that, its really nice overall, and the painted details look great.

Grade: B+ (Unless they call him Ruckus in fiction, then it’s a D+.)

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