Blog #1061: Toy & Merchandise Reviews: Dairycon 2016


Dairycon 2016


Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Dairycon…again.  But I was able to snag the exclusives.

Actually Brawn (Read about Actually Brawn at

dc2016-02 dc2016-03

Actually Brawn is made from an upsized version of the G1 Swerve mold.  The colors look really great.  He’s a fantastic addition to the Dairycon Universe.

Knight Beat (Read about Knight Beat at

dc2016-04 dc2016-05

Knight Beat is a repaint of G1 Tailgate in blue and yellow, and based on the G1 toy of the same name.  I like the kind of weathered look on the yellow paint in robot mode.

Roadkill (Read about Roadkill at

dc2016-06 dc2016-07

Like Actually Brawn, Roadkill is made from an upsized G1 Swerve mold with custom antlers.  He looks amazing, I love his color scheme and the antlers are perfect.

Action Head (Read about Action Head at


Action Head is a mini Fortress Maximus head that is compatible with most G1 Headmasters.

Piece of the Ark



dc2016-10 dc2016-11 dc2016-12 dc2016-13

Botcon 2015 Bedbugs


My favorite of the 2016 Dairycon exclusive is the Botcon 2015 Bedbugs.  If you don’t know the story, the Botcon hotel in 2015, the year they were coincidently selling the Waruder 4-Pack on insects, had an issue with bedbugs during the convention.  Maybe someone important from Hasbro got bedbugs and that’s why Botcon lost the Transformers license.  Okay, probably not, but there will be a lot more on that in a future blog.

Thanks for reading!

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