Blog #988: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Deluxe Blackarachnia

0leglogoTransformers: Legends Deluxe Blackarachnia


Legends Deluxe Blackarachnia is heavily remolded from Transformers: Animated Deluxe Blackarachnia.

tfldelba-2 tfldelba-3

Beast Mode: Blackarachnia’s paint job is prefect for her Beast Wars incarnation.  She looks amazing.  The spider’s head has been remolded, removing the very robotic look of the original toy in favor of a more organic looking spider head with the multiple eyes.  Unfortunately, in order to make the robot mode better, the pincers have been replaced and look silly.  The new pincers form Blackarachnia’s robot chest and don’t look like spider pincers at all.

tfldelba-4 tfldelba-5

Robot Mode: In robot mode, Blackarachnia retains the awful curved legs of the original mold.  They have completely remolded her chest to look like Beast Wars Blackarachnia.  While this remolding causes the pincers to be odd in beast mode, the robot mode looks much better for it.  Her new head sculpt is amazing, though her neck is a bit long.

Overall: While not perfect, it’s the best Beast Wars Blackarachnia toy we’ve ever got or are ever likely to get.  This is a must for Beast Wars fans.

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