Blog #913: Toy Review: Transformers: Kre-O Battle Changers 2-Packs Wave 1 (Optimus Prime vs. Megatron, Ratchet vs. Soundwave)

Transformers: Kre-O Battle Changers 2-Packs Wave 1 (Optimus Prime vs. Megatron, Ratchet vs. Soundwave)

In Hasbro’s infinite idiocy, it appears that none of the 2015 Kre-O toys will be available in the USA, but are available in Canada.  Canadian ebay sellers are loving it, jacking up prices on them, but it sucks shift for the rest of us.  If the stores don’t want to sell them, then either cancel them completely, or sell them through their web site.  Hasbro’s inability to use their web site to sell things that stores don’t want is mind boggling, truly idiotic.  There is no excuse for not releasing an entire line in the USA.  Fuckheads.

The really sad part is that Hasbro has finally figured out how to make Kre-O toys that don’t suck (for the most part).  No more big clunky sets where you need to build your vehicle then take it apart and build your robot.  Battle Changers now actually transform, and the RID construction sets are mostly vehicles being used by the Kreons, as they always should have been.  Though let’s not talk about the Kreon Warriors.  Someone was on an awful lot of crack when they came up with those.

Optimus Prime

tfkre-og1bc2pk-02 tfkre-og1bc2pk-03
Optimus Prime is in slightly darker colors than the single pack version.  They’ve added a trailer which is cool, but it does not transform at all.  It’s not a huge deal, but it would have been nice.  Also, there is no flip out stand under the trailer for when it’s not attached to the cab.


tfkre-og1bc2pk-04 tfkre-og1bc2pk-05
Megatron is pretty cool.  He looks great in robot mode.  They did an amazing job designing him.  Tank mode is good, but I would prefer the flat part under the barrel be silver.  It doesn’t look right in black.  That’s not a huge deal.  Overall, he’s very well done.


tfkre-og1bc2pk-07 tfkre-og1bc2pk-08
Ratchet’s vehicle mode seems to be based on either Movie Ratchet or Prime Ratchet.  In robot mode, he’s completely G1 based.  Ambulance mode is all right, not fantastic, but he looks awesome in robot mode.  He has G1 Ratchet’s classic window in his chest and red tripe on his forehead.


tfkre-og1bc2pk-09 tfkre-og1bc2pk-10

Soundwave is based on Transformers Cybertron Soundwave.  He looks pretty good, though I would prefer a lighter blue, more G1 Soundwave color.  Jet mode is okay, but he’s kind of hard to transform without popping parts off.  Robot mode is really great though.


There really isn’t much to Laserbeak.  He integrates into Soundwave in both modes.  He’s Soundwave’s vehicle tail and robot chest.  He’s really kind of a cop out.  You have to remove him to transform Soundwave.


Ravage is awesome.  He doesn’t transform, but he really looks fantastic.  Too bad they didn’t include this in the SDCC Class of 1984 Kreon set.  For Ravage alone, this is a must have set.

Frenzy & Rumble

They look pretty great.  They are better than the ones included in the aforementioned SDCC Set.

Overall: It’s hard to recommend these, since they are so expensive to get in the USA, but the Ravage is too awesome not to have, but so is the Prime with trailer.

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