Blog #889: Toy Review: Botcon 2015 Club Subscription Service 3.0 Deluxe Carzap

Botcon 2015 Club Subscription Service 3.0 Deluxe Carzap

So, Carzap is based on the Generations Deluxe Bumblebee mold, with a new head based on G2 Windbreaker.  The G2 Windbreaker mold was planned for release in the canceled Block Town Garage set in Japan.  This paint job is based on that prototype.  Carzap is a pretty lousy name, even for Japan, they should have just called him Windbreaker.  Dairycon released their G1 Windbreaker this year.  Frankly, that’s a far superior toy being a G1 mold, but I am biased, as it was my idea.

GB Blackrock & Fuel Pump/Gun Set

tfbcss2015-cz-2 tfbcss2015-cz-3 tfbcss2015-cz-4

First off, GB Blackrock is a G1 Marvel Comics character.  This isn’t terribly interesting since Dairycon already did an action figure based on the character in 2012, and it’s a way better toy.  The fuel pump and gun is okay, but not great.  My biggest problem is that it comes with no instructions.  There is a video online, but that is inconvenient and slow.  No building toy should come without instructions, no matter how small.

tfbcss2015-cz-5 tfbcss2015-cz-6 tfbcss2015-cz-7 tfbcss2015-cz-8 tfbcss2015-cz-9

They did a pretty impressive job painting him.  The text is accurate to the original prototype, so while it’s a bit weird looking, it’s G2, so it makes perfect sense.  He’s got all kinds of detail, and I love the chromed guns.  The silver head looks fantastic.

Overall: There is one thing more impressive than his paint job.  He’s actually assembled properly!  No missing parts, no missing paint apps.  No parts put on backwards (that I can find).  I actually feel like I almost got my money’s worth on this one.  This could be a certified miracle!  We might need to have Carzap canonized!  But seriously, he is painted really nicely, a perfect G2 toy.  The odd name aside, I really like this one.  I didn’t think I would.  I’m really looking forward to G2 Starscream (long overdue) and Nacelle.  The other three aren’t really all that interesting, but you never know.

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