Blog #820: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Aerialbot Alpha Bravo (AKA Slingshot)

Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Aerialbot Alpha Bravo (AKA Slingshot)

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tfgencwdelabab-2 tfgencwdelabab-3

Each Deluxe Combiner Limb comes with an accessory that can turn into a foot or hand for the combiner.  In the picture, the thumb is in the center position, but can be turned either direction to form a left or right fist.  A very cool bit of engineering, but unfortunately, this part is really not good for anything else as most Deluxe toys have no way to use them as a weapon that does not look stupid.

Alpha Bravo (Slingshot)

tfgencwdelabab-4 tfgencwdelabab-5

Vehicle Mode: First things first.  I do not mind at all that they made him a helicopter.  You know that some of these molds will be retooled for future combiner limbs.  He will almost certainly become Vortex (hopefully, assuming we get Bruticus) and or Blades (already announced via store computer listings).  I’m okay with that.  Chances are one of the other Aerialbots will be retooled into Technobot Strafe and Combaticon Blastoff.  So, I can live with little changes that facilitate future toys.  I know, it would be nice if they didn’t do this, but if it helps keep costs down it is better in the long run for us.  As to his name, Alpha Bravo is stupid.  If he couldn’t have been Slingshot, maybe they could have called him Trickshot or something.  All that aside, his copter mode is okay.  It’s not great.  Frankly, it lacks any landing gear, and that is really not forgivable at all.  Other than that, he looks pretty good.  The missiles nicely cover his forearms.


Robot Mode: He looks like Slingshot.  This makes the whole name thing a little easier to swallow.  You can’t mistake him for anyone else in robot mode.  I only wish his rotors clipped in on his back somehow so they weren’t loose.  I love his head sculpt.

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8 Responses to Blog #820: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Aerialbot Alpha Bravo (AKA Slingshot)

  1. Tfcrafter says:

    Tfwiki is the answer to all TF problems 🙂

  2. lmb3 says:

    First of all, you’re missing the point. You telling me he’s a new character means nothing unless you plan to tell every transformers collector who is going to look at that toy. The fact is, if he’s a new character (or even if he’s not) there should be a bio on the box to explain it, or at least a comic book in the box that explains it. And you’re right, just because two characters look the same doesn’t mean they are the same guy. But every G1 fan who has never read the comic who picks up Alpha Bravo is going to look at him and say he’s Slingshot. That’s not an issue of looking similar, it is exactly him. You can’t look at that robot mode and not see Slingshot. If you waned to have him not be Slingshot then he shouldn’t looks exactly like Slingshot. And you’re right. Within the confines of the IDW comic universe, nothing is Hasbro’s fault, because they likely care very little. But Hasbro is responsible for the toys, and using IDW’s ideas, is on Hasbro.

  3. Tfcrafter says:

    And also just because a Transformer looks like another Transformer doesn’t mean he’s the same guy.

  4. Tfcrafter says:

    Yes it’s a new character that’s what I’m telling you.

  5. lmb3 says:

    Haven’t read the comics. There is no bio on the box to explain that. It doesn’t come with a comic book explains that. I don’t care what IDW does. I can accept him changed to a helicopter to facilitate mold recycling, but don’t tell me that after 30 years Slingshot is no longer an Aerialbot and they picked up some other bot. That is just silly, though totally expected coming from Hasbro. Not to mention the most important thing. He still looks like Slingshot.

  6. Tfcrafter says:

    It’s not really Hasbro’s fault, in the IDW comics, Superion’s components were severely damaged, so Alpha Bravo stepped up to become a limb.

  7. lmb3 says:

    And yet, in robot mode he looks just like Slingshot. If he is meant to be a new character he shouldn’t look like the existing one. This is just another example of Hasbro’s incompetence. Even when they try to get something right, they manage to screw it up.

  8. Tfcrafter says:

    He’s supposed to be an all-new character, not an update of Slingshot.

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