Blog #821: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Aerialbot Firefly (AKA Fireflight)

Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Aerialbot Firefly (AKA Fireflight)

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tfgencwdelabff-2 tfgencwdelabff-3

Each Deluxe Combiner Limb comes with an accessory that can turn into a foot or hand for the combiner.  In the picture, the thumb is in the center position, but can be turned either direction to form a left or right fist.  A very cool bit of engineering, but unfortunately, this part is really not good for anything else as most Deluxe toys have no way to use them as a weapon that does not look stupid.

Firefly (Fireflight)

tfgencwdelabff-4 tfgencwdelabff-5

Vehicle Mode: For a very long time it has pissed me off that they did not have the rights to the name Fireflight.  Finally they found a name that I can live with calling him Firefly.  His jet more could use a couple paint apps on top, but his wings and vertical stabilizer are so perfectly painted that I can hardly complain about that.  Again, his forearms don’t fold in very well, but I can live with that.  Unfortunately, he has no port on the top of his vehicle mode.  There are ports under his wings, but unfortunately that puts a weapon under only one wing.  I really hate having a weapon under only one wing.


Robot Mode: He looks so perfect in robot mode, Firefly is my favorite of the wave, certainly the best looking robot mode.  He’s got some color from plastic and paint apps.  He just looks amazing.  His head sculpt is fantastic.

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2 Responses to Blog #821: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Aerialbot Firefly (AKA Fireflight)

  1. lmb3 says:

    Michaelwpollard, I know, but I hate having different weapons under the wings.

  2. You can put the double-barreled cannon of the foot under the other wing. It looks OK, and doesn’t drag even as badly as the rifle. There’s the claw hanging out back, but it serves as a partial counterweight.

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