Blog #800: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction Platinum Edition Shared Exclusive Dinobots Unleashed 5-Pack (Scorn, Slug, Strafe, Grimlock, Slog)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Platinum Edition Shared Exclusive Dinobots Unleashed 5-Pack (Scorn, Slug, Strafe, Grimlock, Slog)


Hard to believe with is my 800th blog.

These reviews will focus on the new paint jobs.  Read my reviews of the original molds here: Scorn, Slug, Strafe, Grimlock, Slog.  You can read my review of the San Diego Comic Con G1 Dinobots Set here.

A few notes to start.  All the Dinobots are done in dark gray translucent, black, and gray plastic.  They have some chrome and silver paint, both smeared with black plaint to give them a gritty, weathered look.  The translucent dark gray plastic has silver paint smeared on for the same affect.  This is as close to their look in the movie as we are going to get.


tfplatdu5pk-03 tfplatdu5pk-04

Really nice looking.  He’s one of my favorite AOE Dinobot molds, and he looks great in these colors.  I love his chromed robot head.  Not sure why they made his spines reddish in color, but it looks pretty good.


tfplatdu5pk-05 tfplatdu5pk-06

Definitely an improvement on the retail version.  Not sure why they left his back purple.  Gray or black would have looked better.  His dinosaur head looks awesome with the weathered silver chrome.


tfplatdu5pk-07 tfplatdu5pk-08

Strafe really looks nice.  His silver wings look amazing with the black paint weathering.


tfplatdu5pk-09 tfplatdu5pk-10

I don’t recall Grimlock having any gold on his head and back in the movie.  Not sure why they couldn’t just go with the silver chrome brushed with black paint like the rest.  Still, he looks really great.


tfplatdu5pk-11 tfplatdu5pk-12

Be very careful transforming Slog.  This goes for all of them really.  As any collector will tell you, translucent plastic tends to break easier.  The first time I transformed him I broke one side of the base of his dinosaur neck.  It doesn’t prevent his transformation, but I didn’t even push that hard and it broke.  I think the joint was really tight.  Once I got it freed up it seems fine, but be very careful.  This toy should be awesome, but that damn soft plastic flap on his dinosaur chest is still terrible.  I really can’t understand how someone at Hasbro could have been so incompetent as to approve this design.

Overall: This is a really great looking set.  It’s just incredibly overpriced at $120.  $100 would have been more reasonable.  What really sucks is that we can’t get all the Dinobots in a single color scheme.  The Sand Diego Comic Con set was in G1 colors, but didn’t include Slog.  He is coming out from Amazon next month, but we still don’t get Slash and Scorn in those colors.  I know those two weren’t G1 characters, but it would be nice to have them in those colors.  Here we don’t get Snarl and Slash in these colors.  Slog wasn’t in the move and they included him in this set, so if we get him in these colors, why not Snarl and Slash?  This is just another example of Hasbro’s incompetent handling of the Age of Extinction line.

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