Blog #681: Toy Review: Transformers Kabaya Models Wave 8 Star Convoy, Darkwings (Buster, and Hydra)

Transformers Kabaya Models Wave 8 Star Convoy, Buster, and Hydra (Darkwing with Throttle and Dreadwind and Hi-Test)




Well, not much to Rodimus, but that’s not terribly unexpected.

Star Convoy

tfkab-w8-03 tfkab-w8-04 tfkab-w8-05

They did a really nice job on Star Convoy.  He looks really great in robot and truck modes.  City mode is kind of okay at best, but then that was true of the original toy too, so it’s not unexpected.


Hydra (Throttle)

tfkab-w8-07 tfkab-w8-08


Hydra (Darkwing)

tfkab-w8-09 tfkab-w8-10

This is one of my favorites from the whole series.  I’ve always liked the toys they are based on, and they did a great job making them into models.  He comes with both his guns and actually transforms properly with the exception of his legs which must be pulled off and put back on in a different port.


Buster (Hi-Test)

tfkab-w8-12 tfkab-w8-13

He’s also…blue.

Buster (Dreadwind)

tfkab-w8-14 tfkab-w8-15

Buster also transforms almost entirely correctly, with the exception that the back end of the jet comes off and pegs onto his back.  I don’t like him as much as Hydra.  I’ve never liked that void on his chest where his logo is, but that is faithful to the original toy.

Darkwings (Dreadwing)


Dreadwing (or Darkwings) is something of an oddity.  There are lots of Transformers that combine to form larger robots, but combining to form vehicles is far rarer.  There are a few Micromaster, Transformers: Animated Safeguard, and Revenge of the Fallen Ice Cream Truck Skids and Mudflap.  I’m sure there are a few more I’m not thinking of, but there certainly aren’t that many.  Dreadwing is not quite as faithful to the original, but they are really very small things.  Hydra’s wings don’t fold forward right up to Buster’s wings like the original toy.  This is because Buster’s wings don’t slide back like the original toy.  Also, the back end of Buster’s jet mode and the flipped over nose of Hydra’s jet mode connect together on the original toy, but don’t quite connect here.  These are nitpicks, but are notable differences to the original toy.  Doesn’t take anything away from how cool he is.

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