Blog #682: Toy Review: Transformers: Movie Advanced Deluxe Dino

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Transformers: Movie Advanced Deluxe Dino


Original Mold: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Sideways


Vehicle Mode: The USA was denied a number of toys from the end of the completely mishandled Dark of the Moon Line, but Leadfoot, Soundwave, and Queue eventually showed up online if you were willing to shell out the cash for them.  They also had Japanese versions if you weren’t particular about getting the intended USA versions.  However, poor Dino only got a repainted Legend toy they called Mirage.  Sideways was a good mold choice for Dino.  He’s nicely painted, though his roof doesn’t quite match the red of the rest of the car body.  Unlike the other Movie Advanced toys that got new weapons, his blades connect on the underside of the vehicle.


Robot Mode: Dino has a new head sculpt and a new set of blade weapons, and looks really great.  Promo pics of the toy seemed to show him with translucent blue plastic windows and the toy has translucent purple windows.  I preferred the blue, but it doesn’t look bad.

Overall: This one is a must as it’s likely the only Dino we will ever get.  It will likely be very popular and may start to get pricey very soon unless they were produced in larger quantities than Dark of the Moon Japanese deluxes seemed to be.

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