Blog #438: Toy Review: SDCC 2013 Transformers Prime Shockwave’s Lab Play Set with Predaking


SDCC 2013 Transformers Prime Shockwave’s Lab Play Set with Predaking


The Play Set

I forgot to take a picture of the set with the cylinder over Predaking, so I’ve included a picture of the box innards without the toys removed.



Let’s get this out of the way right off.  The play set is a cheap piece of crap.  It’s a cardboard base with a control panel that is made from the same kind of plastic as the toys are packed in (maybe even thinner) glued to the base with a sticker on top.  I was expecting actual toy grade (not that Hasbro’s toy grade is all that good anymore) plastic.  The cylinder and top are made of slightly better quality thin plastic.  The pedestal Predaking sits on is the same as the console, only clear.  This is cheap crap. And nowhere worth $50.




Shockwave looks pretty good in G1 colors.  They did not include his beast hunter armor.  This really annoys me.  (They left a part out of  the GI Joe set too.)  Leaving parts out of a toy, especially one that is as over priced as this one is at $50, is just lousy.




Predaking looks okay, but he’s nothing special. The translucent orange one the Hong Kong show is getting looks much better.

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