Blog #439: Toy Review: SDCC 2013 Transformers Titan Warrior 5-Pack (Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream)


SDCC 2013 Transformers Titan Warrior 5-Pack (Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream)




Pics of the toys are below, but I thought I’d get right to the review first.

The Good: I give credit to Hasbro for this.  It’s a set of G1 based toys, and though they don’t transform, they are new all new molding.  It’s nice that once in a while Hasbro goes back to what started it all.

The Indifferent:  The molding is okay, but it’s not great by any stretch.  Optimus has short smoke stacks.  The guns on Starscream’s arms could have been much better (they got it right with Megatron’s gun).  There is something wrong with Megatron’s face, but I can’t put my finger on it.  Grimlock has his claws closed around his fists.  Having said all that, it’s not so bad that I can’t say the toys are worth it.  I have no problem with the limited articulation (Only shoulders and waist).  Also, at $40 for the set (still available on the price isn’t terrible, but not a great deal either.

The Bad:  These guys have about half the paint apps on them that they needed.  Prime and Soundwave needed paint apps on their legs.  Starscream needed lots of apps, especially on the thing that sticks up behind his head.  There is really no excuse for this.  A few more paint apps and I would recommend this set to anyone who is a G1 fan.  It really pisses me off when Hasbro dose something almost right, and then screws the pooch on the details.






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