Blog #437: Toy Review: SDCC 2013 Transformers/GI Joe Crossover Set (Jetfire, Hound, Bludgeon, Blaster, Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Eject, Ravage, Baroness, Snake Eyes)

SDCC 2013 Transformers/GI Joe Crossover Set (Jetfire, Hound, Bludgeon, Blaster, Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Eject, Ravage, Baroness, Snake Eyes)


I finally got my hands on the San Diego Comic Con 2013 exclusive Transformers GI Joe Crossover set.  Overall this is a great set, but suffers from Hasbro’s inability to see a good idea through to the end.

If you haven’t heard, this set is the subject of a lawsuit by Harmony Gold, the rights holder to Robotech in the USA.  At issue is the Jetfire box art used on the tech spec.  Hasbro had a one year right to manufacture Jetfire in 1984.  Harmony Gold apparently claims that extends to the art as well.  Harmony Gold demanded they be recalled.  Harmony Gold is bat shit crazy if they think anyone is going to send back this toy because they are stamping their feet like whiny five year old.  They want money from Hasbro.  They may have a case if the liscense extended to the art as well.  I hope they win a ton of money from Hasbro.  Enough about that, I don’t really care anyway.

On to the toys…




Jetfire is a repainted GI Joe Skystriker.  A rocket pack has been added similar to what G1 Jetfire had.  It plugs in where his vertical stabilizers go.  Those stabilizers then plug into the sides of the pack.

He looks pretty great, but the stickers were horrible.  Many of them are shown wrong in the instructions.  There are extras with apparently no place to go at all.  I hate that.

A piece from inside the cockpit was left out of the set.  It’s not a huge thing, but it makes little sense to make a toy and not include all it’s parts, especially when you include a sticker to go on the missing part.  This really seems stupid.

On the plus side he does come with an extra set of both long and short thin missiles.  Since I’ve misplaced one short missile from my SDCC 2011 Starscream, this works out well.




Hound is a GI Joe VAMP with a few stickers added.  I almost wish they had done Swindle instead, so at least it would be a new color.  It feels lazy that they did little else but add a couple of stickers.  Nice, if under whelming.




Bludgeon is a GI Joe figure made to look like Pretender Bludgeon’s shell.  It looks great, but getting the “robe” on him was a real pain and his helmet won’t stay on his head.  That really annoys me.  They should have put a peg inside and a hole in his head.  Not bad though.

Blaster, Ramhorn, Eject, & Steeljaw




As they did with Soundwave last year, a non transforming Blaster that can be worn as a back pack by the figures was included.  Interestingly, none of the figures in the set can do that without removing other accessories, or not at all.  Baroness’s hair is in the way, Snake Eyes vest, and Bludgeon’s robe.  Kind of odd that they included him when none of the figures can wear him as is.  Last year all three of Soundwave’s cassettes were the same mold, but this year, they are three different ones, so they get points for that.




The jewel of the set, Ravage looks awesome.  While some will hate this, his legs don’t move.  To me, this makes him stand up better than the G1 toy ever did, so I love it.






The Baroness is just a Baroness figure.  A Decepticon logo on the arm would have been nice, but as is, there is nothing crossover about her (like last year’s B.A.T.).  Though she does come with a  leash for Ravage.  She also comes with some assorted guns.

Snake Eyes





Snake Eyes has an Autobot logo on his shoulder, so he’s definitely worth having, but there is nothing all that special about him.

Thanks for reading!

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