Blog #374: Toy Reviews: Perfect Effect (Third Party) Transformers Scouting Force X & Assault Force X (Reflector)

Perfect Effect (Third Party) Transformers Scouting Force X & Assault Force X (Reflector)



Perfect Effect Scouting Force X & Assault Force X came out I believe in 2011.  Both are based on G1 Reflector, with Scouting Force X being in his animation colors/mold and Assault Force X being based on the toy.  These are impressive toys with loads of accessories, all of which (amazingly) have a use or place for storage in camera mode.



Robot Mode: I’m honestly not certain which name corresponds to which toy.  It might be on the instruction sheet, but I don’t have that in front of me, so I’m just going to start on the left in the photos above and call them #1, #2, and #3.

The two sets have identically molded accessories (though they may have made minor adjustments to Assault Force X’s knife accessories to make them fit a little bit better into their holders).  The robot heads are different on all three, and the chests are changed on two of the toys.  They also have not just different paint schemes, but differently placed paint apps making them look very different.

Each robot has a knife with a holder that clips onto their back.  A knife and it’s holder can also be stored in the back of the shield.  The other guns, shoulder shields, shoulder launchers, arm shields, and jetpack are all pretty clearly seen in the pictures.

They look absolutely amazing in robot mode.  Clearly a lot of design work went into this.  They are rather small, a little shorter than the average Legends/Legion figure.



Camera Mode: I’m going to try to explain where all the accessories go in camera mode.  The jetpack from robot #3 above becomes the bulk of the lens.  The two guns from robot #1 and the gun from robot #2 (without the barrel extension and scope) go inside the lens.  The arm shields on #1 form the sides on the lens, and two of the knives and knife holders go on the inside of the shields.  If you’re counting, that’s a total of ten accessories that are stored and comprise the lens.  This is masterfully designed.

Robot #2’s barrel extension, scope, and the third knife and holder connect onto the back of the shield, which forms the bottom of the camera.  This is a great design, as it helps to hold the whole thing together.

#1’s shoulder pads form the top of the camera, while #2’s shoulder pads and the handle of #3’s gun becomes the flash.  That leaves just the barrel from #3’s gun to form the camera stand.

The cameras look just amazing.  Can’t say enough about the design.

Overall: I got a good deal on these, $60 each.  They seem to go for a little more than that online.  If you only want one, I guess it’s up to you if you prefer the cartoon or toy design, both look great, you really can’t go wrong with either.

Thanks for reading!

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