Blog #1698: My Dairycon 2019 Haul and Exclusive Toy Reviews

For the third straight year I went to Wisconsin for Dairycon earlier this month. As always, I had a great time, and brought back great haul. As always the haul was fantastic, and I even crossed a few big items off my want list.

| Wisconsin Haul | Dairycon TF Haul | Dairycon Exclusive Haul |

Wisconsin Haul

Before even getting to Dairycon I knocked a big toy off my want list, a 2004 Dairycon exclusive Burning Furry Monkey. (Thanks, Joe!) I’m getting closer and closer to a complete set of Dairycon toys. (Anyone have a Pretender Convoy or Spot they want to sell?) Read my review of Burning Furry Monkey here.

I picked up a green Bumblebee G1 Japanese Gachapon Capsule Decoys from Joe as well. I only have a few of these. I’m always on the hunt for more.

Lastly, I picked up Masterpiece Anime Wheeljack from Joe. A very cool repaint, though I wish Takara would start giving us some of the toys we’re still missing from the 1984 and 1985 cars instead of more repaints.

Bumblebee came out on Blu-Ray the same week as Dairycon, so I grabbed the 4K, Blu-Ray, and DVD at Target. It came with the Sector 7 promo comic.

I finally found Siege Starscream at a Target after weeks of searching at home. It’s the version missing the pin that holds his chest in place. Still looking for the version with the pin. Read my review of Siege Starscream here.

I had not, still haven’t actually, seen any Tiny Turbo Changers series 5 in Massachusetts, but I managed to find 11 out of 12 of them across several Targets in Wisconsin. I am still looking for a Scorponok (bag code “I”) and I need another Arcee (bag code “D”) since mine was missing the instructions. You can read my review of wave 5 here.

I picked these up at Bob’s Coins & Hobbies for $10. At first I thought they were placemats, but I think they must be art prints, as they are signed by the artist. No idea who that is. The signature looks like three initials. The first two are WM, and I’m not sure on the third one. Looks like D or N. No idea who that would be as I don’t know much about Transformers artists. I doubt these are official, but they are cool as hell. If you know who the artist is, I’d love to know.

This was the very last thing I got while in Wisconsin, picked it up at AlBella Bargain Outlet for $3. It’s a Revenge of the Fallen pencil case.

Agabyss hooked me up with a Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron. Read my review here.

I also picked up NewAge Toys Max (AKA Cosmos) from Agabyss. I don’t buy a lot of third party toys (though probably more than I like to admit too) but this guy is so cool. Read my review of Max here.

The last item I picked up in Wisconsin not at Dairycon, was this Bumblebee blanket. I haven’t been able to find it in Massachusetts, though I stopped looking for it once Fred found it for me.

Dairycon Haul

This was my number one find of my trip, Transformers: Unite Warriors eHobby Exclusive Voyager Class Grand Scourge. I’ve been after this for a while, ever since I decided I wanted to complete my Unite Warriors set. I stupidly did not buy all of them the first time around, so I skipped Grand Scourge. Now I just need Menasor and Grand Prime. Read my review of Grand Scourge here.


Another big one crossed off my list was JD Red Knight, a exclusive in China. I think these are finally finding their way to the USA now, but he’s been impossible to find. I was so surprised to find him, I think walked by the table five times before I realized what it was. Read my review of JD Red Knight here.

I went to eight Targets at home the weekend before Dairycon. Five of them had Studio Series Rampage, not a single one had Optimus Prime #38. Read my review of Studio Series Voyager Class Optimus Prime (Bumblebee) here.

As with Siege Starscream, I had a hell of a time finding Soundwave, but I finally tracked down at Dairycon. Read my review of Siege Voyager Soundwave here.

For some unknown reason, in Massachusetts I’ve had zero luck finding G1 reissues. I found Devastator and Starscream exactly once, and a friend picked up the wave one Mini Cars. The first I’d seen of these was at Dairycon, and I grabbed them up as soon as I saw them. Read my review of Gears and Warpath here.

I did not even know that Selects G2 Megatron was out. Got him cheaper than my online preorder. This is a very cool toy. Read my review of Selects G2 Megatron here.

Fire SL Grand Convoy is a red and orange repaint of Energon Deluxe Optimus Prime. It’s a very cool figure. Not one I had to have as it has no mold changes from the USA release, but it awesome looking. Read my review of Fire SL Grand Convoy here.

Like Fire SL Grand Convoy, Transformer United Black Optimus Prime has no mold changes from the USA release, so I didn’t need it, but this is one of my favorite post G2 Transformers molds, it looks amazing in black, silver, and teal, and I got a good deal on it that I couldn’t pass up. Read my Review of Transformer United Voyager Class Black Optimus Prime here.

I love story displays, and this one is very cool. It’ not big, maybe 17 inches by 12 inches. I wasn’t sure how to get this one home as it wouldn’t fit in the box of toys I was mailing myself. I ended up making a thick cardboard sleeve with bubble wrap inside and slid it into my carryon beside my laptop. The TSA screeners didn’t say anything about it, though they did scan my 12 year aged Widmer’s cheddar cheese for explosives. It scanned negative, but I did have a blast eating it. You might way it was bursting with flavor. Okay, I’ll stop now.

This is part of Takara’s Metal Collection, at least that’s what I think it’s called. I’ve also seen it called MetaColle. Not sure what the accurate English translation is. The series is comprised of die cast figures, maybe three inches tall or so, with limited articulation. (It’s not limited to Transformers.) Up to this year they had done exclusively movie characters. (Read my review of them here.) This year they released a set of G1 characters, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee, none of which I have yet. This fourth in the latest series. It is essentially a die cast metal wedge with an Autobot logo on one side and a Decepticon logo on the other. I don’t get it either.  Read my review of the entire G1 wave.

This is a Transformers The Last Knight Wall Walker. I only became aware these existed the week before Dairycon when I heard they released a new series. This is the only one I have. I’m still looking for the other five from The Last Knight series, Bumblebee, two versions of Optimus Prime, and two versions of Megatron. Plus I need all 8 from the new series, and I have no idea where to find these things. If anyone knows, let me know.

I didn’t buy a lot of Third party toys, but I did pick up a few. The Fansproject Causality Insecticons, Thundershred, (Shrapnel), Stormbomb (Bombshell), and Backfiery (Kickback) are very cool. I got this set at a great price. Unfortunately, Stormbomb was missing his trading card, so I’m trying to track that down, as well as Instructions for all three. Read my review of the Causality Insecticons here.

I also got the second series of Insecticons, Blockade (Chop Shop), Teardown (Barrage), and Plunder (Ransack). Regrettably they never made Venom to complete the set. Read my review of the Causality Deluxe Insecticons here.

Warbot Defender, aka Springer, was Fansproject’s first fully transformable third party toy, and one of the first from any company. Fansproject remains one of the most, if not the most, successful third party toy companies. I mainly bought this one for its historic significance, but he is very cool. Read my review of Warbot Defender here.

Snarl has always been my favorite Dinobot. DX9’s War in Pocket Thorner is a great homage to Snarl, albeit on a small scale version. He’s smaller that the original toy, but still very cool. Read my review of Thorner here.

The Camera Brothers are an upsized version of the Perfect Effect Scouting Force X, which I bought at Dairycon 2013. Read my review here. The Camera Brothers are the best version of Reflector ever, as they are much larger than the Perfect Effect set, while retaining all the great accessories and even adding a couple more. Read my review of the Camera Brothers here.

At Dairycon I picked up a few exclusives from past Dairycons. This is the Dairycon 2008 t-shirt.

Been looking for this one for a long time. Dairycon 2003 Exclusive Clutterbug. Read my review of Clutterbug here.

Last year I missed a couple of exclusive. Skeleton Crew was from Dairycon 2018.

Last year I also missed PsyCloneUs, but I managed to find one this year. He came with a Lucky Draw version of Pirate Pete with Duncan’s head and wings. Either that or Fred was half asleep assembling them, but I’m going with Lucky Draw because that’s much cooler.

Dairycon 2019 Exclusives

This year’s Dairycon t-shirt looks amazing. It’s in my favorite color, and you’ve got to love “Apocalypse Cow”.

This year’s badges.

The posters for 2019 were available in two sizes, smaller ones given out to attendees, and larger ones that were only available in small quantities. I did manage to snag a set of the larger ones too.

This “Cheese Based Energon Cube” was available with Toiletbot.

These “Soy Based Energon Cubes” were one of this year’s exclusive accessories

Skull Cruncher was meant to be Pretender Skeleton’s accessory, but it was not released. I was able to snag one of the prototypes.

The 2019 edition of Toiletbot is a little different than his previous incarnations. He can’t transform, and one must ask the question, doesn’t the water run out? Anyway, he looks amazing even if he can’t transform. I love the paint apps on him. He has clearly been neglecting his bowl. Read Toiletbot’s bio here.

Tindertron came packaged with Toiletbot and I believe he was also available on his own. Sorry for the lousy photo, my camera sucks. He’s got a cool paintjob. Read Toiletbot’s bio here.

Logjam is recolored from a Transformers Titans Return Titan Master Shuffler. I love this mold, and the paintjob. Read Logjam’s bio here.

Pretender Skeleton is painted to look like Skeletor from He-Man. Repainted from Titans Return Titan Master Bludgeon, he looks fantastic. Read Pretender Skeleton’s bio here.

If you got any of the 2019 Dairycon exclusives, they may have included some random red plastic parts. Those are parts for Zombie Zoom-Zoom. He is repainted from a Transformers (2007) Legends Class Jazz. His parts were intentionally warped to simulate him being a zombie and to frustrate anyone who may have, I don’t know, carefully laid out all his parts in an attempt to assemble him and then found out that assembling him was impossible. I’m not saying that happened, but you know…it could have, and if it did it was incredibly, unimaginably, annoyingly frustrating. (FRED!!!!!!) Anyway, I believe I have the only complete Zombie Zoom-Zoom. Since this is the only complete one known to exist, it is one of the rarest Transformers toys ever made. Read Zombie Zoom-Zoom’s bio here.

Dr. Jellyfinger is the proctologist of the Dairycon universe. Apparently even robots occasionally have problems with their tailpipes. Who knew? Read Dr. Jellyfinger’s bio here.

I saved the best for last. The villainous Agent Orange, Incompetent Buffoon of the Apocalypse! He looks amazing colored in a sort of moldy-orange and blue. Read Agent Orange’s bio here. In the interest of full disclosure I proudly take credit for writing most of Agent Orange’s abilities and weaknesses, as well as his function of “Incompetent Buffoon of the Apocalypse”. What inspired this…the world may never know. 🙂

And so ends another Dairycon haul blog. Not as big a haul as the last couple of years, but a satisfying haul none the less, and a few big items checked off my want list. I love visiting Wisconsin and look forward to (hopefully) going back next year.

Thanks for reading!


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