Blog #375: Toy Review: Fans Toys (Third Party) Transformers Quakewave (AKA Shockwave)


Fans Toys (Third Party) Transformers Quakewave (AKA Shockwave)


Let me start by saying that if a Transformer can be considered art (and I certainly think some can be) then Quakewave is the Sistine Chapel of the toy world.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  If Takara-Tomy ever had an intent of doing a Masterpiece Shockwave, they’re too late.  It’s already been done and I seriously doubt the can do it this well.


Gun Mode: Then gun mode is stunning, absolutely incredible.  There are a couple of nitpicky issues.  He has no trigger and no sound effects.  There is a switch on the underside of the barrel to turn on a light in the muzzle, though I can’t say how that looks yet (more on that later).  He is very purple, much brighter than the original Shockwave, but I think it’s closer to his cartoon coloring.  The sides of his handle are actually die cast metal.  It’s heavy for a Transformer.


Robot Mode: He’s perfect.  He looks like he stepped right out of the cartoon.  There is a switch on the back of his head to turn on the light in his eye, and another in his wrist for the gun hand.  In addition to the sides of his legs, his feet are also die cast metal.  He stands up well, with just enough articulation, without having too much.  I absolutely love this toy.


The second run of Quakewave figures included an opaque hand and gun to replace the translucent ones that come preinstalled.  I’m not sure exactly why they did this, it might have just been fan requests.  Not sure if there was any other reason.

There is one issue.  The first time I tried to put him in gun mode, the electronics in his arm stopped working.  (This is why I don’t have a picture with the muzzle lit up).  The installed wires were two short and transforming him ripped one of the wires right off the battery holder.  I attempted to make repairs, but I had to strip the wires, which just made it worse.  HOWEVER, I contacted Fans Toys online.  They asked me where I purchased it and I told them.  Then they replied asking for my address so they could send replacement parts.  I wish Hasbro has customer service that was that easy to deal with.

Overall: He fits in so perfectly among Masterpiece toys that someone who doesn’t know it is a third party toy would never guess it.  He is expensive.  The first run sold out at $150, and the second run sold out at $190.  The third one will likely be more as well.  It’s a bit pricey I admit, but the toy is completely worth it, and if you do have any problems with the electronics, the company is very helpful.

The only negative thing is that as they do new runs of the figure, they start making changes.  They added the extra set of hands for the second run.  With the third run they will be making a new arm assembly available that has his hose connecting on the underside of his forearm (like the G1 animation model, the G1 toy had it connect on top) rather than the top.  Not sure if anyone with a first or second run figure will be able to obtain that or not.  Not the end of the world, but if you’re buying a Quakewave, be aware that it could come with different add on parts.

Thanks for reading!

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