Blog #364: Toy Reviews: Transformers Mech Ideas (Third Party) Demolition Crue Apex & Geminus (Topspin & Twin Twist)

Transformers Mech Ideas (Third Party) Demolition Crue Apex & Geminus (Topspin & Twin Twist)

I have tried very hard to resist third party Transformers.  They tend to be very expensive, and while sometimes they are very high quality, other times they are extremely poor.  However, I’ve recently purchased a number of third party items and two of the best are Apex and Geminus, reimagined versions of Transformers Jumpstarters Topspin and Twin Twist.  Also of note, these two were much cheaper than the usual third party toys.  They are available as a set of two for $70.  They are about the size of deluxe toys and the quality on these is excellent.


Demolition Crue Apex


Vehicle Mode: Apex (AKA Topspin) looks pretty great.  It’s a really nitpicky thing, but the shape of his front window isn’t symmetrical and it looks funny to me.  Otherwise he looks amazing.


Robot Mode: Apex looks even better in robot mode than vehicle mode.  If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know how much I prefer the articulation (or lack there of) of G1 toys to the newer let’s-articulate-them-so-much-they-don’t-stand-up approach Hasbro has been taking in recent years.  Apex is the perfect blend of articulation without giving him so much that he can’t stand up.  His head sculpt is great, and I love the hammer (which incidentally comes apart and can be stored beneath the vehicle in vehicle mode.


Demolition Crue Geminus


Vehicle Mode: Geminus (AKA Twin Twist) is based on the same mold as Apex.  Apex’s shoulder rams have been replaced with drills and he’s had the wings removed.  While I’m not crazy about the shape of his cockpit window, they didn’t bother to paint it on Geminus, which doesn’t look great.  It’s a minor thing though.


Robot Mode: Geminus has had his shoulders changed to make him look more like the G1 toy.  He also has a new head.  His colors have of course been reversed from Apex.  I think I like Apex’s color scheme a bit more  I was never a big fan of Twin Twist.


Battle Damaged Head: Preorders for Apex and Geminus included a battle damaged head for Geminus.  I didn’t preorder my set, but it came with it anyway.  Kind of cool, I guess.  I think it’s a reference to something from the comics, but I’m not certain.

Overall: These toys are more than worth the price and a good place to start if you’re looking to get into third party toys.  Just be warned, things only get more expensive from here.

Thanks for reading!

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