Blog #341: Toy Review: Transformers Prime Voyager Skyquake


Transformers Prime Voyager Skyquake




Vehicle Mode:  In case this sounds familiar, Much of this review is taken from my Dreadwing review.  His gun has been remolded, but it is still crap.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  Moving on.  The jet mode looks awesome with the exception of the half circle gray plastic pieces under the fuselage.  They look kind of silly, but that’s not a huge deal.  The back end of the plane has some issues.  The arms don’t connect into the ports under the back of the jet properly.  Still, these issues aside, the vehicle mode looks fantastic.  I love it in green with red more than I did Dreadwing’s blue and gold.  Unfortunately, the only storage for his sword is under his wing, which looks silly.




Robot Mode:  In robot mode he looks positively awesome.  I just wish he had a gun that wasn’t awful.

Dreadwing and Skyquake are two of the rarest regular release USA toys in the last few years.  (Even more so that Windcharger, who eventually showed up at some discount stores.)  I’ve only ever seen two Dreadwings and have never seen a Skyquake in a store.  I had to get mine from Asia.  Previously I assumed Dreadwing would show up in quantity and never did.  I’m not sure why this mold was so under produced.  I might wonder if it was because Skyquake only made a couple of appearances, and Dreadwing was killed off last season, but the shelves are jammed with Thundertrons, and he never was in the show at all.

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