Blog #316: Toy Reviews: Transformers Arms Micron Deluxe Rumble & Frenzy with Arms Micron Dago R & Dago F

Transformers Arms Micron Deluxe Rumble & Frenzy with Arms Micron Dago R & Dago F



Boxes:  The boxes for the deluxe toys have no windows.  I assume this is due to the lack of paint apps.  Most deluxe Arms Micron toys look kind of awful without the stickers, so leaving out the window will hides that, but Rumble and Frenzy have more paint apps than most Arms Micron Deluxe toys.

Arms Microns Dago R and Dago F


Kit:  The kits are fairly easy to assemble, and so far the stickers seem to be staying on well.  The plastic is higher quality than the Kabaya kits.  They have no paint apps and are perfect for customizers to paint up for a more elaborate look.  Each Arms Micron includes something like a spark crystal, but I’m not sure if that is the intent of it.  A sticker goes on before the outer translucent plastic to form it.  They look nice, but I had some problems getting the crystal to stay in on some of them.  Might need a little glue.


Weapon Mode: Dago is a gun, but also doubles as a pile driver.  The only problem is that without a second pile driver, he’s kind of useless in that capacity.  Looks pretty cool as a gun though.


Robot Mode: Dago is supposed to be an octopus.  I say supposed to be since he doesn’t really look like one.  I’m glad the Arms Micron line is going to be over soon. They seem to be running thin on good ideas for animal modes.

Rumble & Frenzy (Based on Transformers Prime Deluxe Rumble.)

Click here for my review of Transformers Prime Rumble.

I am reviewing them both together since they are the same mold.  It should be noted that Hasbro got it right for once when they called the blue version of this toy Rumble in the USA.  (“FIRRIB Forever!”  If you know what that means then you’re an old school Transformers fan like me.  I believe wars have been fought over less derisive issues than this.)  Takara on the other hand got it wrong (usually it’s the other way around, go figure).  In the G1 cartoon, Rumble was blue and Frenzy was red (accept for an occasional isolated screw up where they spoke with he wrong voices).  Hasbro screwed it up when they made the toys, which had Frenzy as blue and Rumble as red.  To clarify, Arms Micron Rumble is the red one and Frenzy is the blue one even though that is completely wrong.

(No Stickers)


(With Stickers)


(With Weapons)

(Arms Micron Rumble & Frenzy [left & center], Transformers Prime Rumble [right])

Vehicle Mode: As with the USA version of Rumble, I love the vehicle mode, but I think they should have used a sportier car.  They used really nice slightly metallic looking plastic for both Rumble and Frenzy.  I would have liked a little more color on the vehicle, maybe some stripes on the doors or hood.  They just look a little plain.  It seems like Rumble and Frenzy have far fewer stickers than most Arms Micron toys.

(No Stickers)

(With Stickers)

(With Weapons)

(Arms Micron Rumble & Frenzy [left & center], Transformers Prime Rumble [right])

Robot Mode: I love the look of their robot modes.  The gold stickers look really nice and give their chests somewhat of a cassette tape look.  Really well done.  These are easily two of my favorite Arms Micron toys.  If only they had given them the right names.

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