Blog #311: Toy Review: Transformers United Million Year Publishing Exclusive Voyager Artfire with Nightstick and Sparks


Transformers United Million Year Publishing Exclusive Voyager Artfire with Nightstick and Sparks





Artfire was available as a mail away exclusive for buying last year’s Generations book.  Unfortunately, he’s not a simple repaint, more like a Frankenstein’s monster.  His basic mold is that of Transformers 2010 Voyager Solar Storm Grappel, but he has the head and hands of Universe Voyager Inferno.  Grappel’s hands were remolded with fingers as they have been doing lately.  I HATE the new style of hands they’ve been using.  Fortunately, since Artfire needs to hold weapons, they had to use the Inferno hands.  He has two Targetmaster partners.  Nightstick (whose name they didn’t even bother changing) was repainted from Universe Deluxe Cyclonus’s partner.  Sparks was repainted from Transformers 2010 Power Core Combiners 2-Pack Leadfoot’s partner Pinpointer.

This toy has an amazing paintjob and was really a necessity to make after they made Stepper.  You may recall the previous Generations book exclusive Stepper had one major flaw.  They neglected to give him a port on his roof to hold his Targetmaster partner in vehicle mode.  (You can read my blog about Stepper here.)  Unfortunately, the paint job is the only positive thing I have to say about Artfire.

They had two choices with Artfire.  Option one was to use the Inferno mold as is, since remolding was apparently not an option.  It wouldn’t have been as nice with it not having a ladder, but it would have sufficed, though, like Stepper, there would have been no place to put his weapon in vehicle mode, but I guess that would have been par for the course.

Instead, they went with option two, or as I like to call it, the dumb option.  They used the Grappel mold.  So now he is apparently a fire truck with a crane.  What the hell were they thinking?  The two weapons just barely can connect onto the end of the hook.  At least they could have painted the crane white, but they didn’t even do that.  If it looked even a little bit like a ladder, it would have been passable, but it doesn’t, especially with it having a hook at the end.

I would have much preferred they had just used the one real Targetmaster.  The use of these Power Core Combiner weapons, most of which suck, as Targetmasters is really cheap.

This could have been a great toy, but instead ended up being pretty average accept for the great paintjob.

A while ago there was also a rumor of a general release version of this toy in the Transformers United line, numbered UN-32.  Takara denied this, but it seems that this might have just been because they didn’t want to steal Million Year Publishing’s thunder.  A couple of online retailers have now put up preorders for UN-32.  It will supposedly only have one weapon. Whether it has a newly molded ladder or the original Inferno base, no one yet knows.  I only bought this toy since it incorporates different mold’s parts.  I’m hoping the general release version will be better and that then maybe they will do a general release Stepper that is properly remolded.

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