Blog #255: Toy Review: Asia Transformers Generation One Reissue Sixshot

Asia Transformers Generation One Reissue Sixshot

The new Asian release of Generation One Sixshot with chromed parts is an absolutely awesome, toy.  Sixshot is of course the first six-changer, transforming from Robot to gun, tank, car, winged wolf, and jet.  It is one of the most impressively engineered Generation One toys.

(Comparison – Reissue [left], Original [right])

The robot mode picture clearly shows the differences between the reissue and the original.  (Note: I never got the first reissue, but as I recall it was identical to the original.)  As you can see the major changes are the chromed chest and guns.  However the gray plastic used for the wings (also used for the fold out guns in his legs) are a darker gray than the original.  The tank treads on his arms are now painted silver.  The flash is distorting the coloring off the metallic stickers.  The new stickers have darker colors and a shinier finish.  The picture makes them look a lot darker on the new version than they actually are.  All his stickers came applied.

Here are some pictures of his alternate modes.




(Winged Wolf)


Lastly, Sixshot was packed with a sort of ID badge with a metal shield.

This is one awesome toy, but is very expensive.  In 2001 I paid less for a MIB Great Shot (A Japanese Sixshot repaint and remold) that the retail price on this.  Prices have obviously gone up since then, but this still seems like it’s too much.  I got mine on ebay and with shipping it was about 25% less than the big online toy sellers have it four before shipping.  Maybe I just go lucky, but I would look at ebay if you want one.

Thanks for reading!

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