Blog #254: Toy Review: Japanese Transformers Prime Gaia Unicron with Arms Microns Bogu

Japanese Transformers Prime Gaia Unicron with Arms Micron Bogu

Box:  The boxes for the Voyager toys are the same shape as the US versions, though this one is slightly larger front to back.  Interestingly, the only box art is of Unicron on top of the box, the picture on the front of the box is Voyager Optimus Prime wearing Unicron as armor.  That’s seems a little odd that you wouldn’t make the character himself front and center on the box.

Arms Micron Bogu

Kit:  The kits are fairly easy to assemble, and so far the stickers seem to be staying on well.  The plastic is higher quality than the Kabaya kits.  They have no paint apps and are perfect for customizers to paint up for a more elaborate look.  Each Arms Micron includes something like a spark crystal, but I’m not sure if that is the intent of it.  A sticker goes on before the outer translucent plastic to form it.  They look nice, but I had some problems getting the crystal to stay in on some of them.  Might need a little glue.

Weapon Mode:  This is easily my least favorite Arms Micron.  It’s just not very good.  He becomes one of Unicron’s spikes and his left arm.  No, I don’t get it either.

Robot Mode:  Bogu seems to be a mole.  Okay, I guess.  Just doesn’t do anything for me.

Gaia Unicron (New Mold)

Vehicle Mode:  Well, it says online that he’s supposed to be a space cruiser.  Doesn’t look much like one, but doesn’t look much like anything else either.  It’s kind of awful.  I do love the orange chrome.  I wish they would use this color chrome on more toys.  I didn’t bother to take a picture with and without stickers picture since you can’t see any of the stickers in vehicle mode.

(No Stickers)

(With Stickers)

(With Bogu)

Robot Mode:  The robot mode isn’t too bad.  It might even have been good if he had hands.  Either he has two spiked rocks that are flat on one side for arms, or you use Bogu as an arm and take the two arms and put them together to make one.  Now, I realize that is accurate to the cartoon.  I get that, but for a toy, I’d like it to have hands.  At least then it could hold Arms Micron weapons.  It’s really a lousy toy.  Recently at NYCC the Unicron toy came up at the Hasbro panel and they essentially said it was a great toy, but were noncommittal about it being released in the USA.  I’m not sure how anyone can say it is a great toy.

As you can see in the above picture, Unicron also becomes armor for Voyager Optimus Prime or Megatron.  Kind of crappy since most of Unicron is hanging off their back.  You’ll also note the three crystals on Optimus and Megatron’s midsection.

Unicron is the first Arms Micro to include model parts on the main toy.  The three crystals come on their own tree.  Not sure why they didn’t just factory install them.

Lastly, this is a picture of Unicron’s back.  So Unicron has his own face on his back.  There is nothing in the instructions about this, though it has been suggested that he can be turned into a volcano with Unicron’s face on it, most likely by tipping the space cruiser up on it’s back end.  No, I don’t get it either.

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