Blog #249: Toy Review: Japanese Transformers Prime Voyager Arms Master Optimus Prime with Arms Microns Matrix Blade, Shining R.A. B, and Bonus Shining O.P. B

Japanese Transformers Prime Voyager Arms Master Optimus Prime with Arms Microns Matrix Blade, Shining R.A. B, and Bonus Shining O.P. B

Box:  Most all the boxes for Arms Micron Toys have had box art.  While there is Optimus Prime art on the top of the box, a toy picture is used on the front of the box.  I can only assume they didn’t want to do new art, but for such an expensive toy that seems pretty cheap.

Arms Micron Shining O.P. B

Kit:  The kits are fairly easy to assemble, and so far the stickers seem to be staying on well.  The plastic is higher quality than the Kabaya kits.  They have no paint apps and are perfect for customizers to paint up for a more elaborate look.  Each Arms Micron includes something like a spark crystal, but I’m not sure if that is the intent of it.  A sticker goes on before the outer translucent plastic to form it.  They look nice, but I had some problems getting the crystal to stay in on some of them.  Might need a little glue.

Weapon Mode:  O.P. A is a repaint of O.P. that came with the original Voyager Optimus Prime.  This is still one of my favorite Arms Microns.  I love translucent toys.  Unfortunately the only sticker he comes with is the Autobot logo for under the crystal.  I would have liked him to have stickers like Shining R.A. B.

Robot Mode:  I still think his robot mode looks like a three-legged Centaur.

Note: Shining O.P. B was not included in the box.  I received five of them separately with the purchase of Arms Master Optimus Prime.  I’m not sure what the point of having five of them that are identical is.  When I saw it came with five bonus Arms Microns for $20 more, I assumed they were all different.  Cool toy, but I didn’t need five of them.

Arms Micron Shining R.A. B

(I couldn’t find any name listed for this one accept R.A.  All the other translucent ones were called Shining R.A. with the first letter of the color, so I’m assuming that’s what it should be.  I hate the way they named these toys.)

Kit:  See above.

Weapon Mode:  I still think if the small side blades could fold down to form the hilt this would be a much better toy, but it’s still very nice.  I also really love the color.  I wish the Optimus had been this color blue.

Robot Mode:  Definitely one of the nicer robot modes, but that sword sticking up so high in back is annoying.

Arms Micron Matrix Blade

(As Matrix Blade does not really have a robot or animal mode I’m not sure you’d consider it an Arms Micron, it’s more of an accessory, but I’m counting it as one anyway.)

Kit:  See above.

Weapon Mode:  In weapon mode combining the Matrix and Shining R.A. B forms the Matrix Blade.  When I first put it together, I didn’t think much of it, but it’s really growing on me.  It’s quite a great piece of engineering.

Matrix Mode:  The matrix is cool, but much bigger than it really should have been, but the weapon mode needed the size.  It’s okay looking, but the sword is the better mode.  It would have been better if it could have had it’s own light rather than be lit from Optimus’s chest.

Arms Master Optimus Prime (Based on Japanese Transformers Prime Weaponizer Optimus Prime)

(No Stickers)

(With Stickers – Japan [left] and USA [right])

(With Weapons)

Vehicle Mode:  With the exception of the Arms Micron ports and stickers in place of painted details, this toy is essentially the same as the USA version, looks nice from the front, but like crap from the back with his arms laying in the truck bed.  They are covered up a bit when the Matrix is added.  He has new Arms Micron ports on the running boards, smoke stacks, and roof.  There are also new ones on the sides of the rear of the truck.  He of course can deploy his twin mini guns in vehicle mode, but you need to manually open the truck grill.

(No Stickers)

(With Stickers – Japan [left] and USA [right])

(Mini Guns Deployed)

(With Matrix)

(With Weapons)

(With Matrix Blade)

Robot Mode:  The robot mode looks great, but could have used some more stickers or paint apps.  You’ll note that the Japanese one is a lighter red and more purple than blue.  He has tons of Arms Micron ports on his arms, legs, and shoulders.

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