Blog #176: Toy Review: Transformers Universal Studios Exclusive Deluxe Evac

Last year it was announced that Universal Studios would have a series of exclusive Transformers in conjunction with the new Transformers: The Ride.  A total of six toys have been announced, but only deluxe Evac is not a previously released mold.

Box: As you can see, the Universal Studios Exclusives have their own packaging.  It’s not pictured, but they do have a Tech Specs with the bio on the back and power ratings on the side of the bubble.  The only box art for Evac is the headshot.

Vehicle: Evac’s vehicle mode is an armored car.  The one thing that is most notable is that he has no gun.  He really should have had a weapon mounted on him.  He is predominantly blue with green and yellow paint apps, which looks really nice.  I like the vehicle mode a lot, I just wish there was a weapon, preferably a missile launcher.

Robot Mode: I love the robot mode.  He even has cannons on his forearms, which is nice since he has no gun, but he would look even better with a shoulder mounted missile launcher.  I don’t know why, but it just looks like it should have one.  He has the open hands that they are being used more often now.  I still prefer the fists with the hole in the middle, but that’s me.  Very well done, but it’s a shame that the mold will only be used for Universal Studios.

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2 Responses to Blog #176: Toy Review: Transformers Universal Studios Exclusive Deluxe Evac

  1. Armchair warrior needs food badly says:

    ewven the little one of this guy comes with a weapon. What a rip! Cool mold though. Reminds me of that old video game where the moon buggy is shooting things….except that he can’t 🙂

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