Blog #135: Toy Review: Botcon 2012 Soundwave

Soundwave is a Botcon 2012 Invasion Box Set Exclusive.

Botcon Universe: Shattered Glass

Mold Used: Transformers Universe Deluxe Ratchet/Ironhide (With a New Head)

Name Origin:  Soundwave is a G1 characters, but you probably already know that.

I previously reviewed this toy based on the pictures released on the Botcon web site.  You can read that blog here.

Where do I begin?  I’m going to skip the headband.  I already did a blog about that, which you can read here.

The idea for this toy is that his vehicle mode is based on the “Sold Slither” tour van.  That’s a GI Joe reference.  I guess the Dreadnocks formed a band or something.  Since I never collected nor am interested in GI Joe, it’s pretty irrelevant.  (Well, I am looking forward to GI Joe: Retaliation, but I think it’s pretty safe to say we won’t be seeing Cold Slither.)

The new head is really nice.  I like this sculpt a lot.  They would have done better to do him in black, though.  He would have looked a lot better.  Color scheme isn’t terrible though, the white with blue and green is okay, and if he has to be a tour van, the bumper stickers are a nice touch.

Not terrible, but nothing special either.  There were so many better options.  They could have done Shattered Glass Frenzy and Rumble with the mold that was never released in the USA.  That’s just off the top of my head.  If I think of it I could come up with many more options.

I’ve upped the grade a bit now that I have it in hand.

Grade: C  (Grade F with the stupid headband on it.)

As a bonus, my friend Zabgoth noticed something about the Tech Spec.

Thanks for reading!


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