Blog #106: Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime/2012 Cyberverse Legion Wave 2 (Evac, Breakdown, Mirage, Soundwave)

Picked up Wave 2 of Transformers Prim/2012 Cyberverse Legion.  This wave illustrated something I hate about Hasbro.  Ever since Beast Wars, every Transformers Series has had a subtitle, Armada, Energon, Universe, etc.  That changed in 2010 when they had the first Transformers line without a subtitle since G1.  This year as they introduced Transformers Prime, they also have a non-subtitled line, Transformers 2012 (for lack of a better designation).  Now they are shipping toys from the 2012 line and Prime toys in the same wave.  This wave includes Transformers Prime Breakdown, Evac (the character created for Transformers the Ride) and two Dark of the Moon toys, a repaint of Soundwave and a Revenge of the Fallen Sideways repainted as Mirage.


Breakdown is the only toy in this wave to include a new weapon.  It has a triangular barrel, which looks very cool.  He has a nicely detailed vehicle mode (though it could use a few more painted details) and really nice robot mode.  They continue to make these new Legion toys better and better.  Seems to look as much like Breakdown as it oculd at this size.  Can’t wait for the larger toy.


Evac is a character created for the Universal Studios Transformers the Ride coming to Singapore and Hollywood.  I really like the design of the vehicle mode and look forward to the larger versions of the toy (more on them in my Botcon blog).  Unfortunately, there is no hole on the top to mount the weapon.  It looks funny on the side.  He has the same weapon that comes with Bumblebee and Arcee.  I like the robot mode.  I’m curious to see what they repaint this guy into in the future.


Soundwave is a remold of Transformers Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Legion Soundwave.  They’ve added holes in his doors and roof for the weapon, which is the same one that came with Vehicon (the second version).  The original toy had only the right hand molded to hold a weapon, even though it didn’t come with one.  Now both hands can hold a weapon.  It looks nice in blue, but I don’t know why they repainted this one so soon, when there are lots of better toys to have repainted.  I can’t imagine anyone was clamoring for a G1 version of this toy.


The only Transformers Dark of the Moon character to get NO original toys at all (unless you include the Speed Stars toy).  Mirage is a repaint of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Sideways.  It wasn’t a great toy to begin with, but he does look nice in red and black.  They added holes on his doors for his weapon, but for some reason they didn’t put on in his roof.  For the sword, I guess it looks fine on the side, but the weapons are meant to be interchangeable, and a gun would look better on the roof.  He hands have also been remolded to hold a weapon.

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4 Responses to Blog #106: Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime/2012 Cyberverse Legion Wave 2 (Evac, Breakdown, Mirage, Soundwave)

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  2. Philip says:

    Where van you buy these in Sweden please check please

  3. lmb3 says:

    I’m still looking for Vehicon and Knock Out.

  4. Armchair Warrior Needs food badly says:

    It took a month for these to finally show up here. I hate my store.

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