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Blog #65: Red Sox News: Tim Wakefield Retires

Today pitcher Tim Wakefield announced his retirement after seventeen seasons with the Boston Red Sox. The team extended Wakefield an invitation to Spring Training, but would not guarantee him a roster spot.  Immediately, I thought back to 1990, when the … Continue reading

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Blog #64: Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime & Some More Thoughts on Hasbro

I have a full set of Transformers Prime First Edition and Transformers 2012 Deluxe, Voyager, and Cyberverse Legion wave one (accept for Legion Ratchet.  Also, I have a Stealth Force Mini Changers Sideswipe and Sentinel Prime and Transformers United Rodimus … Continue reading

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Blog #63: My Thoughts on the Super Bowl: “Brady at the Bat”

Brady at the Bat By Lewis M. Brooks, III (With Sincerest Apologies to Ernest Thayer and all the Patriots fans suffering along with me thing morning.) The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the New England team that day. The score stood 21 … Continue reading

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Blog #62: Toy Review: TF Bot Shots & Hasbro’s Latest Bonehead Move

Before I get to my Bot Shots review, I must ask a question.  WTF Hasbro! The brilliant minds at Hasbro pulled off yet another in a string of brilliantly idiotic decisions.  Things seemed to be going pretty well at Hasbro … Continue reading

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Blog #61: Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

It will come as no surprise that I am picking the Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI.  However, before I get to the specific predictions, there is one thing I want to mention first. Someone at ESPN is an idiot.  … Continue reading

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Blog #60: Movie Review: Underworld: Awakening

First off, this is the best vampire-werewolf movie I’ve seen since Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.  (If it wasn’t obvious, that was a shot at the Twilight movies.) This is a great movie, but let’s be honest.  The main reason … Continue reading

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